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    WTS: Medela Swing

    I have a Medela Swing (single) to let go. - Letting go as I'm preggy with number 2 and hubby bought freestyle. - Local set. - I am only selling the motor due to hygiene purpose. - Bought in June 2011 and used for 6mths, kept in storage since Dec 2011. - Willing to let go for anything more...
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    Looking for babysitter in BEDOK!

    I'm looking for a baby sitter preferably in bedok north! Pls PM me if u have someone to recommend. TIA :)
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    Help! Nipple rejection!

    My baby is a week old and refuse to latch, cos the 1st few days no milk and baby tried to latch and suck but no milk so he was very frustrated and cried so we fed him fomular milk. But now i have a very good supply of milk but when I attempt to latch, he will cry until very jia lat! So I'm...
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    Shld i buy breast pumps before or after birth?

    do i need to buy a breast pump before i deliver? or is it adviced to buy after the baby is out?
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    Mount A or TMC?

    which hospital is better and has anybody recently delivered at either hospital? Whats the total bill like?