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    Colostrom from GNC for baby

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    If it's hives, the "flu medicine" that the doc prescribe is actually an anti-histamine, this medicine is also given if one develops any allergies. For hives, it doesn't really go away, it'll come back now and then. Some develops hives if they are sensitive to dust, some to food, some due to...
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    NTUC, cold storage, infact all major supermarkets
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    Lean Pork Congee with Green Peas and Egg

    Usually I'll just scald them to clean it first :)
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    Kids & Vegetables

    Mummies, do you have any problem getting your kids to eat greens? Any tips to share?
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    Mummies, do you bring your kids to the playground to play with other kids?
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    tell me about it! our kids can shake hands & hug each other! my boy will scream his lungs out at home for no reason whatsoever! change clothes oso scream, change diapers also scream, bored oso scream, etc etc
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    Playgroup for toddlers

    Is it organised at your home? What kind of activities? Do you consider organising at other location?
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    Terrible 2/3

    I think my boy at 15 mo is entering into the terrible stage already!
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    MMR vaccinnation

    Dear Mummies Like to check if any of you delay the MMR jab? If yes, why? I know the jab is usually given at 15mo. Also, is MMR jab FOC at polyclinic? Thanks!
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    Your little Ones' Arrival

    Mine was 40 wks + 2 days I think.. hehe..
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    Fruit Juice

    Papaya dun need to blend, juz mash up n serve will do :)
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    Any1 TTC for 2008 BB?

    Take lots of green vegetables, they are rich in folic acids, esp broccoli :)
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    Why Milk Matters

    Thanks for sharing!
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    Bumbo Sitter Recall

    Serious Head Injuries Prompt Recall of Bumbo Baby Sitter Seats - New Warnings and Instructions to Be Provided To Consumers NEWS from CPSC U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Office of Information and Public AffairsWashington, DC 20207 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 25, 2007 Release...
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    cerceals for 4mths plus babys

    Hi dear, there's no hurry to intro cereal to your 4-5mth old bb unless PD really says it is necessary :) p/s: please try not to post in all Caps, it's quite difficult to read :) Thx!
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    my baby learn things very slow..

    Dun worry abt it and enjoy each and every moment :)
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    When did your baby take his/her first step?

    My boy walks a few steps by himself yesterday! Yay!:Dancing_wub::Dancing_tongue:
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    Vegetable Stock

    Don't make a big batch lor.. use it within 2 weeks.
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    How often you give fruits ?

    Every day and not from the fridge.