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  1. LeonardHamilton

    She had aggressive breast cancer at 37. Now she urges younger women not to neglect breast checks

    No one is immune from this. Take care of yourself, ladies.
  2. LeonardHamilton

    Six-year-old boy risks his own life to save sister from brutal dog attack!

    A great example for adults who behave like assholes.
  3. LeonardHamilton

    How did u get to know about mummysg??

    I accidentally saw this forum.
  4. LeonardHamilton

    Singaporean women prefer taller and richer men, believe men should make first move: Survey

    All women prefer tall men, not just Singaporean ones, lol
  5. LeonardHamilton

    What do you think of women who get plastic surgery?

    Hi. I treat plastic surgery normally when there is an urgent need for it. In General, I think that women do not need it, they are already beautiful.
  6. LeonardHamilton

    Our Little ones' birthday!!

    LeonardHamilton- Mia-21/08/2019
  7. LeonardHamilton

    Get the best gift package for your dad!

    Great gift ideas. Thank you.
  8. LeonardHamilton

    Hi I am a new member!

    Hi everyone.
  9. LeonardHamilton

    Hello all

    Hi. Glad to be here.
  10. LeonardHamilton

    Screw Back Earring for babies and children imported directly from USA

    Very beautiful jewelry, I like it a lot. The design is very interesting, especially for children. I really liked the fact that they do not contain bad substances. My daughter is allergic to a very large list of things, so that's great. My daughter really likes jewelry since she was a child, she...