1. K

    All About Special Needs Kids (For Parents)

    Hi everyone, I wanted to create a forum thread that provided information on official helplines, workshops or informative events that parents of special needs kids can attend or use - to provide the right kind of support for their child as well as to learn how to cope effectively. This thread...
  2. B

    Student therapist for speech and language difficulties

    Hi everyone, I am a Masters' student in Speech Pathology from La Trobe University in Melbourne and will be graduating next year. I understand the cost of speech therapy is high and as such, if you are currently seeing a speech pathologist and would like to supplement the sessions at home for...
  3. M

    Autism Intervention Therapy- Home based

    A holistic therapy approach targeted towards clients with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Aspergers and Global developmental delay. Incorporating ABA, Expressive Arts and Play therapy together with DIR Floortime and TEACCH methodology, each client is provided with a tailor-made program based on their...
  4. F

    Share your parenting experience!

    Dear Parents, We are a group of final year Occupational Therapy students from Nanyang Polytechnic. We are currently embarking on the research study of " Parental Perceptions of Raising a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)". If you are a parent or main caregiver of a child with autism...
  5. D

    Dance Therapy

    Hi mummies, I am from Wings to Wings, we are a DANCE SCHOOL located very centrallly, in Raffles Place. We provide Dance and Movement Therapy for children with Special Needs. The programme helps children through patterning, visual movement estimation, audible processing, sequencing and...
  6. T

    Special needs tuition services

    Dear parents, I am a trained special education teacher, currently teaching in a local SPED school. I possess a Diploma in Special Education from NIE and a Certificate in Autism from Autism Resource Centre (Pathlight), accredited with University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. I currently have 4...
  7. extremepower

    Autism, Aspergers, ADD, Dyslexia, Learning Disabilities, Trauma Brain Injuries, PTS

    For those with children. This may help a little. Not everyone can afford it though. However, there are free test available. No harm.:wong19: YouTube - ‪xtremexn's Channel‬‏ YouTube - ‪xtremexn's Channel‬‏
  8. M

    Neurofeedback for ADD / ADHD / Autism

    Hi, has anyone tried neurofeedback for your special needs kids? It's supposed to be very effective, even more than conventional therapies. Supposed to help increase concentration, focus, improve sensory disorders, basically all brain cognitive functions and even emotional tuning as well. Am...
  9. Angelmum

    COMMON Medical term: Autism/Global Dev Delay/Seizures/Cerebral Palsy/Down's Syndrome

    Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Autism Spectrum Disorder The fastest growing diagnosis within the disability of Pervasive Developmental Disorders is Autism Spectrum Disorder. Children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder are from all socioeconomic groups, as well as cultural, racial, and...