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  1. R

    About ME, Rachel, a Part-Time Working Mum..

    Hi Community! I'm new to this community and am feeling super excited! Just would like to introduce myself. My name is Rachel and I had been a full-time working personnel for the past 13 years. By having a hectic job in a volatile industry, I had to put in long working hours and had LITTLE TIME...
  2. Uendi

    Looking For Business Partner

    Are you looking for business opportunities without investing too much cash? Able to cope and earn money while having your full time job? Stay-at-home mums are also welcome. We are an e-commerce company with proven products. I am looking for business partners to work together. We have an...
  3. Uendi

    Earn Passive Income At Home

    I am a full-time housewife with 2 children and an elderly mother to take care. Since the day I quit my full-time job, I knew I would face more and more financial pressure. From my friend's recommendation, I decided to take up this challenge to start and build my online business at home. Lots...
  4. S

    The Brand New Strategies That Grow You A Potential Income Up To 5000 A Week!!!

    Hey mummies, If you are still struggling in making extra income for you living or you still struggling of building any kind of business...It is very common indeed it is SUPER normal simply because you are lack of strategies that help you to market & place your business. Well seriously if you...
  5. Crazycatsville

    WTA: Bulk Suppliers in Singapore (Baby Items)

    Hi mummies! Anybody of you here know suppliers for buying bulk items such as baby clothes, shoes etc.? Like the ones here selling Carters brand. I'm going to be a stay-at-home mom soon and planning to start business in my home country. Not here in Singapore. Hope somebody could help. Thanks!