chinese tutor

  1. laurayang

    Mandarin lessons for kids

    I found Many mummies looking for Mandarin tutor here... I would like to recommend eChineseLearning which offers 1to1 online Mandarin tutoring, and I think it really works for my 6 years old son.
  2. M

    *Miss Koh 2017 CL & HCL Tuition - Award-winning CL Teacher / Ex-HOD / Ex- Level Head

    Miss Koh's 2017 Chinese and Higher Chinese Tuition Classes (Primary and Secondary) are available NOW! - Group tuition's class size will be small class size. Miss Koh is an award recipient of the National Inspiring Chinese Language Teacher Award - 全国模范华文教师. Miss Koh previously had been a HOD...
  3. C

    Chinese tuition

    Hi!! I am a ex-MOE teacher with over 10 years teaching experience. i am offering 1-1 tuition , will travel to your place (Central / Punggol area). Interested or have any queries, kindly PM or Email me at Primary to Sec Chinese & higher Chinese, JC Chinese, familiar with...
  4. filomaths

    Exclusive Chinese Tuition for Primary 5!

    DO YOU KNOW that ... MATHS SPECIALIST'S Founder - Mr K L Chua's sister is organizing Group Chinese Tuition for Primary 5, at our TOA PAYOH Branch. This is not just a rare opportunity, but also very limited seats. So Hurry and Sign up your child on this Saturday or Sunday, from 12.30pm to...
  5. A

    Any mummies looking for Chinese tutor? I got a recommendation!

    I have came across several mummies looking for Chinese tutors for their kids on this website and would like to recommend a teacher we have known for many years. My kids, one in Primary 6 and one in Sec 3, are currently tutored by Madam Zhang (Zhang Lao Shi) for several years. We are very happy...