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    How To Teach Your Kids Chinese At Home When You Are A Non-Chinese Speaking Parent

    With over 1.2 billion speakers, Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world. There are four fundamental tones and one neutral tone in Mandarin, making learning it challenging. Even words that have the same Hanyu Pinyin spelling might have a different meaning depending on the pitch...
  2. M

    Patient Tutor with Year Experience for Secondary Subjects

    Looking for a patient tutor who knows his stuff? here is one you can consider: * Mr Wong | 29 | Male | Chinese | 9-2-2-1-8-2-4-8 * Qualifications: Chinese High School, Hwa Chong Institution, NUS * Graduate Tutor with more than 9 years tutoring experience * Tutoring Subjects: Secondary level...
  3. Y

    Need help with Chinese name translation

    Hello mummies, Can anyone please help me to translate the following name into Hokkien? 勇毅 (Yong3 Yi4)
  4. A

    North Area - I am a Babysitter Experienced Babysitter @ Admiralty/Woodlands

    Hi All, I'm posting this on behalf of my mum. Basically, my mum have been babysitting over the past 7 years! Not including the 24 years she have spent, raising her 5 children. :D She have cared for newborns, toddlers and primary-school age (Ranging from 2 months old - 7 years old), providing...
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    *Miss Koh 2017 CL & HCL Tuition - Award-winning CL Teacher / Ex-HOD / Ex- Level Head

    Miss Koh's 2017 Chinese and Higher Chinese Tuition Classes (Primary and Secondary) are available NOW! - Group tuition's class size will be small class size. Miss Koh is an award recipient of the National Inspiring Chinese Language Teacher Award - 全国模范华文教师. Miss Koh previously had been a HOD...
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    *Miss Koh 2017 CL & HCL Tuition Classes - Award-winning Chinese Teacher/Ex-HOD/Ex-Level Head

    Miss Koh's 2017 Chinese and Higher Chinese Tuition Classes (Primary and Secondary) are available NOW! Miss Koh is an award recipient of the National Inspiring Chinese Language Teacher Award - 全国模范华文教师. Miss Koh previously had been a HOD and Level Head in schools, had taught at both primary and...
  7. C

    Chinese 1-1 tuition

    Hi!! I am a ex-MOE teacher with over 10 years teaching experience. I am offering 1-1 Chinese tuition, will travel to your place (Central / Punggol area). Interested or have any queries, kindly PM or Email me at Primary to Sec Chinese & higher Chinese, JC Chinese...
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    Want your kids to be a Chinese native speaker?

    Why Mandarin? The obvious reason is that Mandarin is no longer just another foreign language. In fact, there are four reasons why Mandarin is evolving into a "must know" language for everyone involved or interested in international commerce, cultural exchange, travel, and more. 1. Mandarin is...
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    Chinese Family teacher/nanny?

    Anyone is interested in hiring Chinese family teacher/nanny, you may visit Timeswell Mandarin HK leading mandarin school/agency now having their branch in Singapore!
  10. S

    Trendy chinese tang suit for boys (2-6 yrs old). only RM40 per set

    ready stock available. short sleeves + long pants colour : red/pale yellow suggested sizes for 2-6 years old boys 90 cm - 2-3 yrs old 100 cm - 3-4 yrs old 110 cm - 4-6 yrs old postage to west malaysia : additional RM 8 postage to east malaysia : additional RM 15 ship with 1-3 days For more...
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    Chinese Encyclopedia For Kids - Must See!

    Say bye bye to ipad. Chinese + English encyclopedia for kids. No need to bring whole book along. Just bring a sheet of paper out for to keep your kids occupied! Amazing little stuffs for your kids! Retail price $159.90. My launch price $89.90! (Price will increase after CNY!) Pink colour pen...
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    Confinement nanny avail.

    Confinement Nanny available immediately. Able to cater especially to Malay/Indian traditions and customs. Please contact 81808635
  13. B

    WTS: Wink to Learn DVDs, as good as new!

    I have some DVDs from Wink to Learn to let go of. These are new and in extremely good condition. Some not even viewed before. For more info, visit All for teaching Mandarin: 1. Animal Encyclopedic Adventure - set of 6 DVDs $40 2. Speak and Read Chinese, Speech and Drama -...
  14. D

    Pregnant and looking for adoptive family for my baby boy

    Hi. I am still very young, I have not completed my education to get a decent and financially stable job. Thus, i am unable to support and raise my child financially on my own. Father of the child proposed to me but did not show up for ROM in the end. Then he tell me he does not want to have...
  15. coraledge

    Primary 5 & 6 Chinese 1-to-1 Tuition with Ex-MOE Teacher (opposite Punggol Plaza)

    LOCATION Blk 128B, Punggol Field Walk (near Coral Edge LRT station, opposite Punggol Plaza and Punggol 21 Community Club) DAY & TIME Friday (afternoon & evening) SUITABLE FOR STUDENTS * Who learn best at their own pace * Who are easily distracted in a tuition class or group * Who are too shy...
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    anyone looking for babysitter at Tampines?

    Hi all, I am Ivy and I am a 48 year old chinese. I am an experienced babysitter residing at Tampines Central 1. If you are interested, please contact me at Thanks.
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    Effective 1-1 Chinese, Maths, English, Science Home Tuition

    If you are looking for effective home tutor Then you have come to the right place. Academic results can be regarded as the top priority in Singapore and you often feel responsible for ensuring that your children have a proper education. However, after a busy day of work, you may feel...
  18. L

    WTB: Flashcards

    Am looking for brand new/preloved flashcards on any topics (english/math/chinese). if you have any to sell, please email me @ Homemade cards are welcome! thank you!
  19. C

    Experienced Full-time Tutor (1st Class Hons) Offering Tuition for All Levels

    I have been a private tutor for over 20 years, beginning in my student days in Raffles Institution (RI) and Raffles Junior College (RJC). After graduating with First Class Honours from NTU, I continued to work as a private tutor and also did relief teaching in various Primary Schools and...
  20. O

    Chinese Tutor for 6-year-old Foreigner Boy

    Looking for someone willing to spend 1-2 hours a week interacting with my son in Chinese. He is going to an international school so we dont need intensive Chinese. My objective is simply for hm to be happy conversing and reading basic Chinese. Looking someone willing to play games, do arts &...