1. B

    brand new DOM (1l) - S$40 only

    Selling brand new DOM (1l) for SGD 40 only. Buy 2 bottles for SGD 60. Contact me @ 82686122 to deal.
  2. B

    BNIB DOM - $45 each

    BNIB DOM (1 litre) - $45 each contact 82686122 to deal.
  3. L

    Confinement lady - 7 Reasons why I am glad I hired a confinement lady

    For those mommies who are unsure about hiring a confinement lady, be good to yourself, hire one. You deserve the rest and care they provide and there are plenty other reasons why it is so worth it. Their fees are getting more and more expensive :( This is my personal experience. I'm not an...
  4. M

    8.5L Seagull Boiler (Confinement Period)

    8.5L Digital Pro Electric Boiler (Seagull Brand) Bought this to be used during confinement period mainly for showering. The main usage is to boil herbs used to shower. I find it very useful as it: - boils to 100 degree celsius within 30 seconds then the system will automatically return to...
  5. H

    BNIB Anti-Wind Herbal Bath Bag (Confinement)

    Hi I'm letting go 5 new packs of herbal bath bags. Each pack has 2 bags so all 5 packs will be good for 10 use. I bought them last month and I'm completing my confinement this week. This is good for new moms going through confinement but still want to take warm baths. Each pack is $3 at cost...
  6. A

    Experienced Confinement Lady

    Good day to all mothers and mothers-to-be, I'm advertising here on behalf of my 3 aunties, who are all working as confinement ladies. Below are a little more information about them: - They are from Malaysia and have 15-20 years of confinement lady experience - Chinese/Teochew speaking only -...
  7. H

    Tonic wine - DOM

    I have many bottle of DOM, new unopened, to let go with some tokens. (cash/wet wipes/diapers/milk powder) Interested, you may app/msg me @ 98583813
  8. H

    Tonic wine - DOM

    I have many bottle of DOM, new unopened, to let go with some tokens. (cash/wet wipes/diapers/milk powder) Interested, you may app/msg me @ 98583813
  9. A

    WTS: Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk - 150ml

    Condition: Brand New Selling Price: $12 (Usual Price: $14.90) Comment: For use during confinement period :)
  10. C

    5seating FREE giveaway newborn care workshop

    Hi, I m tmc clinical trained and experience confinement nanny had workshop to share with new parents. In this workshop you will learn about newborn care, how to suss out your ideal nanny and planning your own confinement. I m also a mother of 3young toddler that be able to share mummy...
  11. C

    Baby care and finding your ideal nanny workshop

    I m a TMC clinical trained experience confinement nanny with 3young toddler of my own. This workshop will provide you tips on caring a newborn, how you can suss out the right nanny and planning diy confinement. I had experience myself as a mummy for 3confinement and a be a confinement nanny...
  12. C

    Confinement Help - Check This Out

    Hi, if you need confinement nanny, pls check out Faith Maternity Confinement Ltd. Faith Maternity Confinement Pte Ltd Enquiries: 900 33 845 - Home We are MOM licensed, and our nannies are professional and experienced. We are also able to customise to suit your needs, as everyone as different...
  13. Y

    confinement food catering

    Hi anyone here tried to order confinement food catering before? which 1 is recommended and how is the food?
  14. R

    Looking for day time nanny (confinement) in Bedok and Baby Sitter (from January 2012)

    Hi, I am looking for a day time confinement nanny who can cook and look after baby during the day or just cook and deliver confinement food in bedok. Also looking for baby sitter who can look after my baby from 7 am to 7 pm monday to friday. Please PM detail. Thanks! Rose Mummy
  15. PinkDiamonds

    How Early Did You Book Your Confinement Nanny?

    Those who have read the Sunday Times (25 March 2012) may have noticed the article about the shortage of confinement nannies this year. Some mummies have booked their confinement nannies as soon as they've confirmed their pregnancy. Mummies of 2012, how soon did you book your confinement nanny...
  16. R

    Anyone going to DIY your own confinement?

    Hi All, Just wondering is any mummy is like me, planning to DIY confinement? What will you be preparing and what have you prepared?
  17. U

    Need a part time confinement nanny in Clementi

    Need a part-time confinement nanny to help me from 24 Jan-3 March. Prefer Malay/Indian. To help with managing baby, light cooking and cleaning. Please email Thanks.
  18. D

    Our family Confinement Lady - First class in taking best care of people

    Dear Mummies, soon-to-be Mummies and also all the Daddies like myself, My newborn baby boy is 3 weeks old and I have just registered here in plain hope that I may share with all our personal best experiences with our family Confinement Lady (CL) of whom we call her Auntie. Auntie is also the...
  19. I

    Looking for someone who can cook during the confinement month (Woodlands)

    Hi, I'm looking for someone who can cook for my wife and my mum (Staying in Woodlands ST 83) during the confinement month (November 2011). Please kindly PM me regarding on the following: Service Cost (Month): Groceries cost (daily/weekly/monthly): Experience (Yes/No): If yes, state how long is...
  20. G

    Confinement Nanny Needed!

    Hi All I am first time mum and due on 12 May 2011. I have initially booked my confinement lady a long time ago but just a few days ago, she text me and told me that she cant work for me cos she is going for a surgery. sigh.. Now, I have no help at all. Have been calling a few nannies that...