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    Best Singapore Law firm

    Hi folk, I am good and hope you also good. Do you wanna know who is the best Singapore law firm, i tell you. Tan Lee and Choo is a Singapore law firm that is Est in 1972 by three senior lawyers name The founding partners, Mr. Tan Kai Hoe and Mr. Lee Min Sen, have a wealth of experience in...
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    Advice: Divorce Lawyer Recommendation

    Hi All, I am planning to file divorce with my husband and I would like recommendation on good and sincere lawyer who do not charge a hike for contested divorce procedures. Background: We have been living separately since May 2011, but we did tried to be together again in mid Jun 2012 which...
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    Divorce trouble. Please advise.

    Hi all, I need some advises. I'm in a bit of divorce trouble myself. I'm now filing for PPO and divorce against my husband for hitting and accusing me of affair. The lawyer I used is YEO Associate. It was a contested one and cost me about $5300 for now. If dragged on may cost more. I...
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    Need help!! Baby has no identity!

    Hi all, I am a malaysian Pr in singapore. Recently on the 1/1/2015 my baby was born. However me and my boyfriend has not registered yet due to him still being seperated and not yet divorced due to the time frame. Now the birth cert has my boyfriend name on it. However Ica has deem my son not a...
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    Pertaining to Divorce

    My marriage will hit the mark of 3 Years in February 2014. Right now, if I wish to file for separation, is it possible? I'm planning to go through legal aid to get the procedure done. Other than that, how does the maintenance works? Does the divorce has to come to a settlement than I will get...