1. P

    any childcare that has EIPIC programme for special needs children?

    Hello Mummies, My husband and I are full time working staff and we have a 3 years old(2012 June 2) with mild ASD. We are wondering is there a childcare in Singapore that runs a EIPIC programme thing under the same campus. Eg. after my child attend the 2 hours EIPIC programme, he can join the...
  2. Angelmum

    More incentive support for family with special needs child/children

    REACH gov - More incentive support for family with special needs child/children Missed the boat (entry closed), not sure whether we'll be seeing any incentive. Let's wait till next wk for official announcement. Posted this: Having a special needs child is extremely expensive. Example 1 -...
  3. Angelmum

    Study to better help kids with special needs

    Nov 25, 2010, Zul Othman, Today SINGAPORE - A major study on the impact of early intervention programmes for children with special needs is about to begin. Expected to take several years, the study's key objective is to get a more evidence-based approach to the way special needs children are...
  4. Q

    EIPIC Questions

    Sleepless night. My son is 7 months and is the process of being referred to a EIPIC. Checked that AWWA is nearest to me and with most services integrated. Rest are too far or do not focus on multiple disabilities. Wonder if anyone has any experience with this centre? Good? Waiting list...