1. L

    Buy a kids meal and attend kids art workshop for free!?!

    Yes! I am a typical kiasu Singapore mother with 2 small kids (2 and 4 years old) who loves great deals! I've discovered a great deal from The Manhattan Pizza Co.! For the month of October, for every kids meal purchased, kids are given a coupon to redeem a free 45min free play session at...
  2. S

    Difficult to eat

    Hi mummies, Do you experience your kid is dificult to eat?? Ever since I sent my kid to childcare, only a week, then the next week she got sick for the whole week. And today restarting school, she has been very difficult in eating. She no longer wants her own food, she still cannot take normal...
  3. J

    ** $ 8 DISCOUNT on 100% natural cereals for baby ** Don't miss the best offer !!!

    Don't miss the best offer from! Just till March 31st get 8$ discount with exclusive iHerb code VAS212, instead of ordinary 5$ discount on the first order on iHerb! Using this code you'll be able to add a free item from free items category. Free shipping on order above $20- VAS212 ...
  4. D

    Daily Food According To Your Body Type - Intake 2

    My fren conducting this workshop.... simple to understand and apply. Anyone interested?:001_302: Dear friends of Beacon LOHAS, Do you feel cold easily? or the other way? Do you know somebody that has sensitive nose and skins? Or you have friends that feels heaty easily regardless...
  5. blackswan

    Valentine's Day Recipe Ideas With Pix Instructions!

    Saint Valentine's Day is just around the corner. What about DIY-ing by preparing a lovely dinner for your partner? With my step-by-step photo instructions, everything becomes so easy. Click on the highlighted titles to the Love Recipes & get cooking! Appetizers: Crabmeat Ceviche...