1. M

    Friendly, Helpful and Caring Gynae Dr Liana Koe

    Hi Ladies, I am writing this thread to personally recommend my awesome Gynae Dr Liana Koe. Honestly, i didn't have a gynae before i got pregnant. I had to handpick one at Mount A due to urgent condition. From my personal experience i learned 1 thing, the gynae i found at Mount A i didn't...
  2. 2

    Dr HK Ho Review

    I wanted to share my experience with Dr. HK Ho who delivers at Mt. Alvernia hospital in the hope that it will help others make a more informed decision. The post with my experience is a bit long, I would recommend concerned mommies read it, but I have summarized my 2 cents base for anyone who is...
  3. J

    HOW TO CHOOSE GYNAE?? Dr Joycelyn Wong/ Dr Adrian Woodworth / Dr Wong Heng Fok

    Hi all new mommies & graduated mommies. I am a first time mom, I found out I was pregnant on valentines day 2 weeks ago. I am lost ever since, at first I felt like I have no idea how to look for a suitable gynae, now even with this few on hand. It's even more difficult to decide. I got 3 on my...
  4. E

    First appointment at Polyclinic?

    Anyone went for check ups at polyclinics? I'm wondering whether I should go for my first appointment (at 6 weeks) at one of the polyclinics instead of seeing a private gynae. Any advice or feedback ladies whether this is a good idea?
  5. A

    Dr Dharsh from Novena (Highly Recommended!)

    My husband and I landed in Singapore without knowing anybody or any doctor. A friend of ours who had just left Singapore recommended a brilliant gynaecologist Dr Dharshini who is at Novena. She was like a ray of sunshine every time we went for our appointments and sometimes I feel that I want to...
  6. B

    Any experience with Dr. Christopher Ng and Gleneagles

    Hello! I am due at the end of July. Moving back to Singapore from Tokyo next month. Had Dr. NG as my GYN when I lived in Singapore before and I loved him but I am wondering if any of you have had any delivery experience with him. I will be seeing him next month for the first time about the...
  7. R

    Dr Don Wong or Dr Kenneth Lee At mt A

    Hi Mummies, Any feedback on thr either Dr Don Wong or Dr Kenneth Lee? Understand both delivers at Mt A. Can share your package as well? I am thinking of C-Section. I tried calling both clinics but its either no answer/ the nurses dont know the details/ say will call me back but no news...
  8. M

    Any good gynae in jurong area?

    I need a recommendations with good gynaes in jurong area and please also state the price of the packages
  9. J

    Looking for a good gynae who has a clinic in east as well

    Hi All, I am first time going to be dad. Looking for a good gynae. Need all your help/suggestions for finding a caring and good gynae. We live in Bedok so it would be good if you could suggest some good gynae with clinic in the East Side. I am fine with Delivery in any hospital. Your...
  10. P

    Recommended gynaes in Jurong area.

    Hi all I'm looking for a recommended gynae in Jurong area. Any good recommendations that I can take note of? Thanks in advance.
  11. V

    Any recommended gynae who deals with miscarriage history?

    Dear Forum Readers, I need some recommendations for gynae who is good or normally handles mom-to-be who has miscarriage history. My wife had 2 times of miscarriage, the first one was on last year (Apr'12) and the second one was this year (Feb'13). Both of them were on 5-7 weeks of pregnancy...
  12. K

    Anyone have a good Obstetrician/Gynae in the East Coast area?

    Hello! I'm an American expat who's lived in Singapore a few years now. We've just found out we're pregnant. I'm only in my first trimester so it's still very early days. However I'm looking for recommendations for good Obstetrcian/Gynae in the East Coast area. Has anyone delivered at Parkway...
  13. P

    1st time mummy, considering water birth...any thoughts pls?

    Hi all! I'm totally new to this forum...but been reading fervently since i starting having abdominal cramps from more than 2 weeks ago...probably when I'd first conceived! Now confirmed I am preggy through blood & urine tests and so my hubby and I are very estatic! I am gynae-shopping now and...
  14. A

    1st time mummy needs help with gynae

    Hi! Just found out that I'm 5 weeks preggie (yay!!) and will definitely be choosing Mount A for baby. One Q, i am planning to have myself checked tomorrow but I've have yet to find a gynecologist. Can I just walk in to Mount A for check-up tomorrow or is it wise to just go to a gyne clinic...
  15. A

    Good gynae for complicated pregnancies?

    hi ladies, was wondering if anyone can recommend a gynae who's good with complicated pregnancies. I'm currently about 7 weeks pregnant. this is my 2nd pregnancy. my first pregnancy was terminated at 23 weeks via induced labour after a series of probs which started with heavy bleeding with...
  16. quincy1986

    Referral/Subsidy to visit gynae?

    Hi all My hubby and I are trying to conceive and would like to visit a gynae soon. Would like to find out if it is possible to get government subsidy for visiting gynaes? If possible, how should we go about getting the subsidy? TIA~ ! ;)
  17. C

    Anyone has experience with Dr Choo Wan Ling?

    Anyone has experience with Dr Choo Wan_Ling? I am looking for a female gynae. Someone recommended Dr Choo Wan_Ling? to me. However I can't find any thread in this forum on her. Can you share your experience with me if she is your gynae? Thanks.