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    Taking care of our skin and health as we age gracefully...

    The world we live in is getting more polluted. On top of that, many conventional skincare products have hidden harmful chemicals like Parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), Mineral Oil, Synthetic Fragrances and etc. Such harmful chemicals can led to premature aging, increased skin...
  2. D


    TERLARIS OBAT VITILIGO HUBUNGI KONTAK : 085 793 720 455 Penjelasan Tentang Vitiligo Vitiligo adalah penyakit yang menyebabkan hilangnya warna kulit. Tingkat vitiligo dapat mempengaruhi kulit seseorang dan seberapa parah kehilangan warna kulit sangat bervariasi dan tidak dapat diprediksi...
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    Obat Miom Ampuh Hubungi : 085 223 557 127

    Penjelasan Penyakit Miom Lengkap
  4. T

    Your preschooler's feet health

    Hello Mummies, We are a group of JC students from Temasek Junior College conducting a survey on the foot health practices of your children between the ages of 4 to 6 year old. Please extend a helping hand by helping us to fill up this survey. Thank you!
  5. C

    Not Your Ordinary Fengshui & Life Strategy Partner

    Well after years of studying and practicing, actual cases taught me that Fengshui is not simply about floor plan, directions of your house or apartment. It is three-dimensional. It is about the person, the place and time. For example, someone won the lottery. He went to the lotto place...
  6. Yasmin Fl3ur

    Pilates With Yasmin ♡Postnatal/Prenatal/BabyWearing Pilates♡

    Hello SassyMommas! Im new here and a mother of a sweet 9month old baby girl :) Im also a certified STOTT pilates instructor for mat and reformer, trained in TRX Suspension with cpr and first aid certification. Im hoping to help mommies out there who wish to get their postnatal bods back in...
  7. C

    Ideas for Exercises

    HI moms! We are in the midst of creating a mother's wellness/workout afternoon. I would like to know what exercises or post-natal programs would you like to see in the program?
  8. P

    Premium Bird's Nest at Wholesale price

    Premium Bird's Nest from West Kalimantan, Indonesia Very, very attractively priced at SGD 200 per 100g Great for consumption during pregnancy & confinement :) Great for gifting too! For enquiries or wholesale opportunities, pls email
  9. F

    Free Pregnancy health and fitness talk

    Hi everyone, chanced upon this upcoming workshop while I was surfing facebook a few days ago and just thought i'd share it with the other mummies here who may not have seen it. the talk is on 18 June and its free they will be speaking about pregnancy aches and pains, incontinence, pelvic floor...
  10. E

    Free health talk on sitting too long and back pain

    Free health event on posture - featuring chiropractors, pilates and ergonomics chairs companies as panelists. It's called Questioning posture: the effortless movement revolution. Sign up at
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    SAFE CARE Aromatherapy minyak angin oil [Health]

    Safe Care Refreshing Oil Aromatherapy are effective to relieve headaches, dizziness, nausea, itchiness from insect bites, respiratory problems, as well as giving a refreshing sensation to the mind and spirit. Ideal for everyone especially for mothers who are sensitive to foul smell and regular...
  12. BeautifulMe

    eBeauty Club for Mums! Get Free Membership To Enjoy Low Prices + Free Delivery!

    Beautiful.Me is Asia’s Premier Online Shopping Club for Everything She Needs in Beauty, Health & Baby. Beautiful.Me is a members-only online shopping destination that offers an extensive range of over 5,000 beauty, body and baby products from 300 top global brands including SKII, L’Oréal...
  13. K

    400 Bottles Of Pomi-T® Will Be Given Away In Support Of World Cancer Day

    Watching one’s diet does not always mean eating less to lose weight but rather, balance is the main key to getting it healthy. It is also about knowing what one’s body needs to function properly and getting sufficient nutrients for a healthy well-balanced diet. Made from a perfect balance of...
  14. K

    OMICAL Sampling Event (18 October and 19 October)

    Most people know that calcium is vital for healthy bones, teeth and gums. Beyond that, calcium also helps with healthy cell function, blood pressure and healthy muscle function. In a United States Government study, it was found that calcium is one of the nutrients that lower blood pressure...
  15. V

    Free Gift Away in Singapore

    Hi, We are doing an online gift away for Singapore residents. Do find out more details here - English: Chinese: Thank you!
  16. R

    Save Your Liver, Save Your Life

    Dear all, I am pleased to inform you that there will be an upcoming seminar "Save Your Liver, Save Your Life!" The areas to be covered will include: the causes of liver failure preventive methods of liver failure new treatment options available For more information, do visit...
  17. D

    Healthy Bone and Joints? Start with these meridians....

    LOHAS DIGEST 43 Healthy Bone and Joints? Start with these meridians.... .....One of them is regarding the knee pain for somebody who is above 70 years old. Coincidentally, one of our younger participants in LOHAS Meridian Self-Therapy Program also having knee pain. Obviously, knee pain is not...
  18. D

    How to set your own Autopilot Slimming Program according to your lifestyle?

    “My old belief was slimming and weight lost means control my food, eat more vegetable and exercise 3 times a week. However, I tried those methods many times and it showed very little results and NOT SUSTAINABLE. That’s why I put on 1 or 2 kg every year I get older. My excuses were I was busy...
  19. N

    What type of cooking oil should I use, heard that rice bran oil is the best?

    Hi, I am currently expecting my first son and have to start learning how to cook. I have read a lot about the high cholesterol levels in Singapore and I am very afraid of using cooking oil that is very unhealthy. I came across this article recently and found it to be interesting. Rice Bran...
  20. D

    Upcoming Autopilot Slimming Program Intensive Workshop (9, 16 & 23 March 2013)

    ” In the past, I spent thousands of dollars on slimming supplement and gym packages with stringent diet. However, the resulst were NOT SUSTAINABLE. I was fustratated and it affected my confidence. After enroling into the Ultimate Slimming Program & coaching, I lost 1.7kg in 2 weeks without any...