1. T

    ((skype:express ielts)) Update Your IELTS,TOEFL,ESOL,GRE,SAL,PMP,PTE,PRINCE2,TOEIC Certificate

    ((skype:express ielts)) Update Your IELTS,TOEFL,ESOL,GRE,SAL,PMP,PTE,PRINCE2,TOEIC Certificate to your desired score Online
  2. B

    日本 美白 抗老 水光针 Directly from Japan

    Hi all mummies, if you guys are looking for whitening solutions and beauty products, you can head over to my carousell. Products are all hard to get in SG and are all directly bought in from Japan. My id is beautyinnjapan. thank you.
  3. pigletgal81

    WTS Samantha Vega Sling Bag

    Bought in Japan. Used 1 time. With a small coin pouch. Selling price: $250.00 Slight nego. Authentic. contact me @ 8322 6859
  4. L

    Fancl, Diapers, Tokyo Bananas from Japan! <3

    Hi, we have migrated from carousel.jp! I have a Japanese friend who is bringing these stuffs to Singapore. She will ship the stuff to me via Courier Service (airflown) in batches, so we will launch pre-orders periodically. We also have ready stocks available & there will be regular auctions &...
  5. Giovanny Cherrybell

    Mexican father living in Japan. I want to have friennds in Singapore!!!

    Hi everyone! I am Giovanny, a mexican man living in Japan. I have a beautiful daugther who lived 3 years in Mexico and 5 in Japan, so I have some experience in international raising child's experience. Now I am working for a Japanese company that sells goods for babies, kids and the whole...
  6. S

    Brand New 2012 3rd renewal japan Goon goo.n Diapers S small size 84 piece NEW

    hi, i am selling brand new 2 packets of 2012 3rd renewal version goon goo.n diapers! Small size 84 pieces for each packet. Buy 2 packets at $50. Cash n carry. interested, pls call 97271888. thanks