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    KKH versus Thomson Medical Center - busting myths

    Hi everyone, I wanted to share my thoughts for those who are choosing which hospital/ doctor to be with for their pregnancy journey. I have been with Thomson Medical Center for nearly 1.5years for fertility treatment, before switching to Kandang Kerbau Hospital for ivf so that I can enjoy...
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    George Mariamma @ KK Hospital - Feedbacks anybody? Maternity experiences?

    Hello Everybody, I am 24 pregnant and previously I was seeing Dr Shamini Nair from Raffles. Recently she gave me her delivery package which is costing me a bomb so i decided to look for another doctor. Now I have decided to go with Dr Mariamma George. Could any mummy's please share their...
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    Recommendation for gd PD at KK Hospital?

    Hi everyone, looking for recommendations for a nice, patient pediatrician at KK Hospital, any advice on who I can go with? dont't mind if pediatrician is at the Private Clinic either, thansk in advance!