louis vuitton

  1. Y

    Louis Vuitton Tivoli 40144GM Designer LV Bag

    Louis Vuitton Tivoli 40144GM A classic rounded shape and provides great storage capacity. With its feminine pleated Monogram canvas, bags are ideal for everyday use. Price SGD1400.00 Please note : - Bags are in excellent condition as hardly used. - Comes with original dust bag and...
  2. pigletgal81

    WTE Authentic Louis Vuitton Back Pack Montsouris Browns Monogram

    I got a preloved Authentic Louis Vuitton Back Pack Montsouris Browns Monogram PVC 11501 for exchange with Taka Vouchers/NTUC Vouchers. Condition 5/10. Willing to exchange with $80 vouchers. email me for photos. i cannot seems to upload them. tbl_1981@yahoo.com Thank you. Regards
  3. D

    Authentic louis vuitton damier trevi pm shoulder tote bag

    Gorgeous pleats in Damier canvas mark out the Trevi PM as an ideal feminine bag. Aside from its arresting looks, it's versatile too as it can be carried either by hand or on the shoulder. Color: Brown Material: Damier Ebene Canvas Size: 34 x 24 x 15cm Fearture: * Zippered closure to keep...
  4. F

    WTS: Preloved Louis Vuitton Antigua Besace PM Messenger Bag - SGD400

    This model has been discontinued and is no longer in production, so it's very unique. It was last retailed for US$910. Purchased in France. The color combo is just fabulous, the red color is brilliant. It is made from Antigua canvas which is supple but hardwearing and can be wiped clean. Its...
  5. D

    Louis Vuitton Monogram Tivoli PM, Very Mint~!

    Selling a never used before authentic Monogram Tivoli PM. Condition: Very Mint (please refer to photos) Selling price: SGD 1250 only. Will include original dustbag, the authentic bag itself. Please refer to the actual photos for reference of its beauty of this highly sought after model...