1. I

    christmas & new year maid promotions

    We are offering a low maid agency package for Indonesian helpers. Please contact with your maid requirements and receive a special offer package with agency fees as low as $300! For A limited time only. Contact, thanks!
  2. T


    Hi please avoid hire this maid from Indonesia. Habitual liar and mental not stable. (suicide prone). NURUL KHIKAYAH FIN G2172673M PP# AT894054 DOB 10/10/1988
  3. S

    How to find a good maid agency?

    How to find a good maid agency? Do you need to employ the services of a housemaid inside your home? You can go to a maid agency to ensure that you will get someone who is skilled enough. When you do this, finding the right person to fill in the position will be much easier for you. They will...
  4. J

    (((My maid caught doing things i never imagined)))

    For some time i have been suspicious of my maid, im working all the time, recently my friend also advice me to install cctv at home, she told me her maid also give her headache, indonesian lagi jialat, friend everywhere! so i did install the cameras and guess what within one month i caught her...
  5. Simple Mum21

    How to cope with new indo domestic helper?

    ​Hi Mummy's, Last week i got a new indo maid to take care of my son who is 3years and to take care of the house. I want to seek advice from those of you have years of experience with domestic helpers. I want to know the do's and dnt for them. My current maid is from Surabaya indonesia. She is...
  6. M

    Replacement new maid arriving and available on 4 Feb 2012

    She is 28 years old, speak english and love children. She has worked as a maid in Philippine and experience in taking care of her nieces age 3, 4, 9 and 10. The agent has given me very good feedback about her when she went for her medical check up and training in Philippine. Her contract...
  7. M

    2 fresh indonesian maids for transfer...

    :Dancing_wub: PM me for more details:Dancing_wub: May GOD bless us every day with good health to see the world till we age :))