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  1. M

    Looking for Secondary Maths tuition or maths tutor?

    Small group secondary maths tuition available in Chong Pang (Yishun/Sembawang area) * 3-5 students in a group * * Affordable rate * * Specialised Secondary Maths Tuition * * Topical worksheets and school exam papers will be given * ** Practice makes perfect ** If keen, do not hesitate to PM...
  2. I

    POA and Additional/ Elementary math tutor

    hi I am iris teo. I have been a full time tutor since 2007. I specialise in Principles of accounts, additional maths and elementary math. Do let me know if you need help, especially if you stay at bukit timah/ bukit batok/ bukit panjang. You can always send your child for a trial class before...
  3. M

    [SPECIALISE IN SCIENCE AND MATH] Joy Quest Education Centre

    We are located near to Ang Mo Kio MRT (3 mins walk). Our students have fared well in their 2016 examinations. One of our Sec 2 Normal Academic student (St Margaret Secondary) has been promoted to take Sec 3 'O' level (Express) Mathematics. Another one of our sec 1 student (Zhong hua Secondary)...
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    Patient Math Tutor (NUS Math Major, Ex-RI, GEP)

    Math Tuition available (Individual or Group Tuition) Subjects for tuition: O level: Maths, A Maths A level: Maths (H1/H2/H3) Other subjects: IB (International Baccalaureate) Maths IP (Integrated Programme) Maths Olympiad Maths GEP Math and others Tutor is patient, experienced and...
  5. filomaths

    [MATHS TUITION] FREE 1-Hr Talk on How to Learn Less to Score 'A' in Maths!

    [MATHS TUITION] How to Learn Less to Score 'A' in Maths! Attend our 1-Hr Preview to Discover How Your Child Can Score 'A' in Maths in the Shortest Possible Time Effortlessly by Learning Less ... Simply Just 3 Things and NOT Every Maths Topics! Even if Your child has already achieved 'A'...
  6. filomaths

    Can your child Learn Less to Score 'A' in Maths by Spending Lesser Time?

    :Dancing_tongue: There are many maths tutors in Singapore, keep telling their students to practise lots of maths questions in order to achieve 'A' in maths. If you are looking for such maths tutors, please do not read further. Because .... We emphasize on tactics and strategies in scoring...