1. A

    Disappointed. Clinic of Dr Chin Lin Han

    This is just to share my personal experience and to warn new mummies like myself. My 1st visit to Dr Chen Lin Han at 6 weeks plus just a few weeks ago. Paid $220 for florxin ($7.50), duphaston ($42.50), consultation normal ($100) and US normal ($70). Expensive for a 10 mins visit! I guess the...
  2. S

    Confinement nanny urgently needed.

    Looking for Singaporean retired nurses (preferably who had worked in pediatric dept) to take care of newborn for 28 days 24/7. Sort of confinement, but mainly 1. taking care of newborn, sometimes 2 year old toddler as well 2. light chores around the house. 3. simple postnatal care for mother...
  3. Honeyfiedcherry

    WTS BN Friso Gold 2, 900g $30

    Hi mummies, Selling BN Friso Gold 2 for 6-12 mths at $30 . Expiring 03/11/2013 . Do pm or email to enquire .