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    Premium Bird's Nest at Wholesale price

    Premium Bird's Nest from West Kalimantan, Indonesia Very, very attractively priced at SGD 200 per 100g Great for consumption during pregnancy & confinement :) Great for gifting too! For enquiries or wholesale opportunities, pls email
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    Benefits of Folid Acid in Pregnancy

    Hi moms, just sharing an article about the benefit of folid acid for pregnancy. Hope it helps for moms who are currently pregnant or preparing for pregnancy. Happy reading. -- Folate (also known as folic acid) is a B-group vitamin essential for the healthy development of the fetus in early...
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    Does your child eat enough in childcare centre?

    Hi folks I just recently put my 28 month-old in half-day childcare. Looking at the lunch served, it does seem a little light in terms of meat and veg (mainly carbo) compared to what I would serve at home, and the serving bowls are smaller as well. Of course, they can ask for second helping but...
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    Experience the goodness of Noni

    Pls read on the health benefits from drinking noni. For testimonials: Working Principle: Supplementing the human body with Xeronine--> activate immune system--> detect abnormal conditions in body-->capture toxin and detoxification--> repair damaged...
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    Food for Tots Workshop (for Parents Only)

    We always want best for our little ones. Living in a fast paced society leaves us little time for meal preparation and makes one wonder whether our little one will get the right nutrition. In this fun filled workshops, hands-on only activity,our dietitians will share with you 3 recipes tips and...
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    Choosing organic food for our babies

    Dear Mommys, I've done some research for reasons why we should choose organic food. It's pretty expensive but after reading the post you will understand and how to make the transition. Wednesday Bubba Tips: Going Organic | Bubba & Mama Cheers, BubbaMama