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    Any one diagnosed with complete placenta previa at 16 weeks able to deliver naturally

    Hi, I am 18 weeks pregnant today at week 16 i was diagnosed with placenta previa 4 which means my placenta is blocking the birth canal. Anyone with similar situation or have experienced this?
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    Anyone encapsulating their placenta with in the womb or heavenly health store?

    Hi all I am intending to encapsulate my placenta and have not decided which person to engage for this service. Please share your views if you have tried their service. (understand that placenta encapsulation is not common in Singapore, however consuming the placenta brings us health benefits)
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    Good gynae for complicated pregnancies?

    hi ladies, was wondering if anyone can recommend a gynae who's good with complicated pregnancies. I'm currently about 7 weeks pregnant. this is my 2nd pregnancy. my first pregnancy was terminated at 23 weeks via induced labour after a series of probs which started with heavy bleeding with...