pregnancy support

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    BN Maternity Support Belt

    Brand new maternity support belt @$29.90, free normal mail. Great for back support during pregnancy. Size 44.10" - 48.03" email:
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    Affordable Pregnancy/Maternity Support Belt

    Just to share affordable maternity support belt Retail usually selling $40-50. Helps if you are suffering from backache or heaviness.
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    28 Reasons (No One Told You) Why Being Pregnant Sucks!

    I'm into my 2nd pregnancy. Despite days when I'm totally loving being pregnant. Some days I just absolutely hate it. I've even written a blog post about it. 28 Reasons (No One Told You) Why Being Pregnant Sucks ~ The Chill Mom Anyone else feeling the same?
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    28 Reasons Why Being Pregnant Is Awesome

    We always focus on the negatives when it comes to how pregnancy affects us. Here is a list of how great pregnancy can be. A good reminder of the good things especially on days when nothing feels right! The Chill Mom: 28 Reasons Why Being Pregnant Is Awesome
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    WTS: DreamGenii Pregnancy and Nursing Support Pillow (w free gift)

    Dear Mommies, The below is available for sale at $50 negotiable (bought online at $130) Used 3 months only and it's still in good condition with the original white washable cover. It is good for back support when I slept on my side during pregnancy. I read that it encourages correct foetal...
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    Our family Confinement Lady - First class in taking best care of people

    Dear Mummies, soon-to-be Mummies and also all the Daddies like myself, My newborn baby boy is 3 weeks old and I have just registered here in plain hope that I may share with all our personal best experiences with our family Confinement Lady (CL) of whom we call her Auntie. Auntie is also the...