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    New Digital Composition Lessons For English Just found out that all of the lessons from Joanne Choo Language Centre have gone digital. My children have thoroughly enjoyed her lessons. She has a way of testing them. Do check out her channel to see what kind of lessons she has to offer! Highly...
  2. Book A Writer

    Camp Lit - A Literary Arts Holiday Programme for Secondary School Students

    Camp Lit is back this June holidays with more exciting literary activities! This year, join published Singaporean writers and experienced workshop leaders Clara Chow, Tse Hao Guang, A.J. Low, Theophilus Kwek, Neil Humphreys and Audrey Chin as they lead three full days of creative writing...
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    Latest 2016 exam paper / test paper / free past year papers for Primary-Secondary-IP-JC exam paper

    Cheapest and widest range of Primary School, Secondary School, IP School and JC 2016 exam papers and test papers available for sale! Free Primary School, IP Schools and Secondary School past year exam paper available for download too. Visit ⌨ Order from...
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    Primary-Secondary-IP-JC Top school exam paper / test paper / free exam paper and past year paper

    Latest Primary School, Secondary School and JC exam papers Primary 1 to Primary 6 Secondary 1 to 4 Junior College 1 and 2 JC2 H1 General Paper Prelim Paper JC2 H2 Chemistry Prelim Paper JC2 H1 Chemistry Prelim Paper JC2 H2 Math Prelim Paper JC2 H1 Math Prelim Paper   JC2 H2 Economics Prelim...
  5. J

    Cambridge law undergrad looking to tutor committed students! (English/Lit/Hist)

    Hi! I'm a Cambridge law undergraduate looking to tutor students who seek improvements in their English, Literature or History. (Private Home Tuition) I specialize and have preference in teaching the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme (IBDP), as I was a student from ACS(Independent)...
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    Secondary Maths Tuition

    My son used to go to a Maths tutor in Bedok for weekly tuition. I found it quite good because he goes there and practices frequently. It is quite a unique setting and group tuition but across different levels, but you get individual attention. The tutor is pretty experienced, about 25 years of...
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    How to Choose a Secondary School

    HOW TO CHOOSE A SECONDARY SCHOOL FOR YOUR CHILD (Brought to you by Intellicat Auntie Counselling Department) Now that PSLE is over, many parents are approaching us for advice on how to choose a school for their child. For those children who can get into top schools, the decision is easily...
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    Special offer 2013 top primary school test papers

    CA1,CA2, SA1, SA2, for Primary 1- 6 all subject All with complete answers Exam papers for PRIMARY 1 - 6 only from $10.00 - $12.00 each. Plus Complimentary 2009 - 2012 Primary exams paper given away for every purchase! Plus free E-book of Singapore Math Syllabus Matrix and Joyful Teaching and...
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    Offering O Level Tuition @ $100 Discount for the First Month!

    Dear Parents, I am offering a discount of $100 for the first month of tuition with me. Should you know of anyone who needs tuition in the subjects mentioned below (Secondary English & Math), I will also be glad to pay you a referral fee of $50! (Terms & Conditions apply) About Me My full...
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    My daughter requires tuition

    Hi I'm just wondering if anyone can give me a recommendation for a tutor or a tuition center as my daughter requires tuition. She's sec 3 next year and her past tutor is not getting any results with her so now i want someone who can guarantee results. Please help thank you.
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    PARENT SEMINAR 2012: Transition to Secondary One

    PARENT SEMINAR 2012: Transition to Secondary One The Secondary School Education System Mrs Julia Woo, Principal of Woodlands Secondary School, will share what your child will be learning in secondary school and the different learning routes available. Nurturing Your Child’s Aspirations...