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  1. M

    Hi, new to forum. Research student on special needs

    Hi everyone, I am a current M.A. Psychology program student in NTU researching on special needs population. In particular, I am interested to understand public perception of special needs population in Singapore. At the same time, I would also be studying on how caregiver's perception...
  2. M

    Autism Intervention Therapy- Home based

    A holistic therapy approach targeted towards clients with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Aspergers and Global developmental delay. Incorporating ABA, Expressive Arts and Play therapy together with DIR Floortime and TEACCH methodology, each client is provided with a tailor-made program based on their...
  3. P

    any childcare that has EIPIC programme for special needs children?

    Hello Mummies, My husband and I are full time working staff and we have a 3 years old(2012 June 2) with mild ASD. We are wondering is there a childcare in Singapore that runs a EIPIC programme thing under the same campus. Eg. after my child attend the 2 hours EIPIC programme, he can join the...
  4. D

    Dance Therapy

    Hi mummies, I am from Wings to Wings, we are a DANCE SCHOOL located very centrallly, in Raffles Place. We provide Dance and Movement Therapy for children with Special Needs. The programme helps children through patterning, visual movement estimation, audible processing, sequencing and...
  5. T

    Special needs tuition services

    Dear parents, I am a trained special education teacher, currently teaching in a local SPED school. I possess a Diploma in Special Education from NIE and a Certificate in Autism from Autism Resource Centre (Pathlight), accredited with University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. I currently have 4...
  6. Angelmum

    ITO – special needs stroller

    AbleData: Products My friend offering an used ITO – special needs stroller. Child can only be seat upright. To recline, taker must send for repair. There’s new cushion pad for this stroller. Also a belt to position the child (for better back support). If keen, PM me. The thread will be up for...
  7. Angelmum

    Disabled can get a ride with volunteer drivers

    Disabled can get a ride with volunteer drivers Published on May 21, 2012 Paralympic swimmer Theresa Goh, 25, may be a speed demon in the water, but she still needs some help on land. That's where a new mobile app, on a two-month test run from today, may come in handy. Called Ecommuter, the app...
  8. Angelmum

    Mandatory weekly rest days for foreign maids

    Mandatory weekly rest days for foreign maids - Channel NewsAsia SINGAPORE: It will soon be mandatory for employers to give foreign domestic workers (FDWs) a weekly rest day or compensation in lieu. To give employers time to adjust, the new law will kick in for FDW work permits issued or renewed...
  9. Angelmum

    Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

    Tapping technology that enables Pilot study notes positive impact of assistive technology, but lack of knowledge among caregivers and teachers by Leong...
  10. Angelmum

    Anything under the sun - CHAT

    On top of special needs problem, govt also made me stressed with domestic helper issues. Made me work cos getting finacial assistance was too hard .... that time cap at $1500/household income. In order to work, I hired FDW .... most of my salary gone to paying for a live-in maid .... paid...
  11. Angelmum

    12 yr old disabled girl murdered by maid

    Maid taking revenge? Agent at fault for persuading Employers to keep the maid when she was sent back? How much is our govt doing for us and our children? When would govt know we need an affordable safe place for our child? AWWA, being the only special care centre is not enough! Furthermore, it...
  12. E

    Rainbow Centre

    Would appreciate some info for a fren. Anyone with kids there? What are the programmes like? Facilities? Staff-student ratio? What kind of fees are you paying? Fren's girl has CP and CVI. Anyone knows of any other kid with similar conditions? What therapy available for such kids? Thanks.
  13. vinder79

    Can my baby crawl??????

    Hiaa all i believe u have already read abt my 2nd son who has duplex kidneys.Now i have a question can my baby who is 8mths crawl like a normal baby??????????He seems to be more reluctant than my elder 1.Currently he can roll to the side,sit up(u have to help him up)and move dragging himself.I...
  14. T

    MRI or CT scan

    Dear all Would like to find out for brain scan, MRI or CT scan is preferred? The neuro in NUH recommend me to do CT scan Is there any side effects on CT scan? If I am a referred case fm polyclinic, I am assigned to a neuro (maybe not tht senior) does it mean I will be stuck w her thruout?
  15. J

    Any comments on ARC?

    Hi.. Are are any mummys currently putting their child on WeCan Prog with Autism Resource Centre (ARC)? I'm thinking of putting my son for Wecan Prog and wondering if there are any feedback of this school? Many thanks, Janice
  16. Angelmum

    Summary of Being Special - Child with Medical Conditions

    This thread is a summary of http://www.mummysg.com/forums/f97/introduction-childs-medical-condition-chat-14805/ - for new members who are parenting child with special needs to find us/kaki easily. "Special needs" are commonly defined by what a child can't do -- by milestones unmet, foods...