1. C

    Wecan early intervention

    Hi, My son has just been offered a place at wecan eip program at pathlight After waiting less than 2 months. We would like to find out about any Feedback on this program. He is currently on 5 times daily aba/vb therapy And also 3 times integrated private preschool. Accepting this offer...
  2. Angelmum

    Anything under the sun - CHAT

    On top of special needs problem, govt also made me stressed with domestic helper issues. Made me work cos getting finacial assistance was too hard .... that time cap at $1500/household income. In order to work, I hired FDW .... most of my salary gone to paying for a live-in maid .... paid...
  3. M

    Neurofeedback for ADD / ADHD / Autism

    Hi, has anyone tried neurofeedback for your special needs kids? It's supposed to be very effective, even more than conventional therapies. Supposed to help increase concentration, focus, improve sensory disorders, basically all brain cognitive functions and even emotional tuning as well. Am...
  4. E

    Rainbow Centre

    Would appreciate some info for a fren. Anyone with kids there? What are the programmes like? Facilities? Staff-student ratio? What kind of fees are you paying? Fren's girl has CP and CVI. Anyone knows of any other kid with similar conditions? What therapy available for such kids? Thanks.
  5. S

    Any mummies bring your kid to treatment or activity other than the usual PT/OT??

    Hi just wanna share any mummies here bring ur special child to other treatments and/or activities? And do they works? My 28 month boy is diagnose with GDD. He is attending EIPIC twice a week. He be having PT/OT/Speech therapy at EIPIC once a week for each therapy. On top of that, I will bring...