1. PinkyGal

    Free Trial English and Chinese Languages Tuition

    Hi, I would be conducting Free Trial "How To Learn Simple Chinese Words?" lesson. Students are welcome to view my web page Adeline Yeo's Tutoring Profile on eduFire for more info. Just click the link and will see my web page Classes I'm Currently Teaching. Free Sign Up for new students who join...
  2. M

    Da Vinci Art Programme by Mika Artz

    Dear parents, We are the 1st center in Singapore to have Da Vinci Programme to nurture creativity & imagination among young children. We have art-enriching activities such as painting, drawing and hand-made crafting, can stimulate the minds of young children to be innovative and creative. WHY...
  3. D

    Good Primary School English, Math & Science home tutor

    Tutor is very consistent in her teaching such that she follows up with everything that was taught during the previous lessons. She offer to compound many useful materials such as many 100 over math questions that are really useful for my child's learning. Tutot managed to make my child practice...
  4. M

    How to decide or choose a good tutor?

    How to decide or choose a good tutor? Nowsaday, parents are more careful in choosing the 'right' tutor for their kids since p1. Their choices may vary among females tutor,strict one, low-cost group tuition,well-known tutor from words of mouth in their neighbourhood,full-time tutors &...
  5. M

    Need Help to score Distinction in Exam!-Free Download of Top 2010 Exam Papers

    Hi Parents, Marc-TuitionClub are establised tuition agency that provides one-to-one or group tuition to all students in Singapore. We provide you with experienced private tutors & school teachers based on your budget and expectations. I am...