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    Are you looking for Tutors, Coaches, or Experts? (Or freelance Job?)

    1on1 is a global online sharing platform for matching Educators and Learners. You can search tutors (all kinds) with this website, no matter where you are! Go check this URL : 1on1.today # Although 1on1 is a very new website, we've already linked more than 3500+ cases in the world so far...
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    Pre-medical student offering tuition in the EAST

    Hi I am a 25 year old female graduate from NUS, waiting for entry into medical school in January next year. I have 7 years of tutoring experience at various levels with a good proven track record. I offer tuition in the EAST at affordable rates All primary levels- Eng, Math, Sci All secondary...
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    I am a full time tutor who is committed and passionate about teaching children. I have 3 years of experience tutoring all primary levels EMS, and Chinese for lower primary. I also did relief teaching in a local primary school for a certain period of time. Currently i have K1, P2, P3, P4, and...
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    Experienced Educational Therapist for kids with dyslexia

    Hello! I am an experienced EdT with over 3 years of teaching and tutoring. I have taught over 40 students from Pri 1 - Sec 4, with dyslexia and am OG-trained and certified. I specialize in English and Chinese language, but I do teach Math and Science as well, for Primary 1-6. Early intervention...
  5. L

    $20 off first month tuition fees!!!

    Mummy, if you are looking for tuition for your children, here is $20 off first month! We have part time tutor and full time teacher (MOE-registered) for kindergarten, primary, secondary and JC students. We offer all subjects and will work according to your budget. For your interest, we also...
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    Providing home tuition

    Currently a poly student Able to provide tuition for children under primary school, nursery - kindergarten - primary school Subjects : chinese and mathematics No experience hence charging at lower fees. Email 0601lxx@gmail.com for more enquiries
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    *Miss Koh 2017 CL & HCL Tuition Classes - Award-winning Chinese Teacher/Ex-HOD/Ex-Level Head

    Miss Koh's 2017 Chinese and Higher Chinese Tuition Classes (Primary and Secondary) are available NOW! Miss Koh is an award recipient of the National Inspiring Chinese Language Teacher Award - 全国模范华文教师. Miss Koh previously had been a HOD and Level Head in schools, had taught at both primary and...
  8. AliciaZ

    Education - MindWorks Tuition

    Looking for a tuition agency to provide you with the best tutors? MindWorks Tuition is one of the leading tuition agencies in Singapore. With a database of more than 10,000 home tutors, ranging from ex/current school teachers, full time tutors, part-time tutors, undergraduates and more, we will...
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    Checklist for your child's exams!

    A Checklist That Highlights Important Steps To Take Before Your Child’s Exams. Tests and exams are methods for teachers and schools to track what their students know, and learnt so far in classes. Exams and tests also are ways to find out what students are lacking or not knowledgeable about...
  10. V

    P1-6 English/ Creative Writing Tutor

    Having difficulty grasping phonics? Writer's block a constant worry during exams? I provide 1-1 English tuition for students P1- 6. I am passionate about guiding children in their development of the English language, whether it is through the school's English syllabus or creative writing. I...
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    P1-6 English/ Creative Writing Tutor

    Hello all, I offer English tuition for P1-6 students. I graduated with a Bachelor's degree from the University of Melbourne in Media and Communications, have been a magazine editor for 3 years and subsequently took on a PR and Communications role for the next 3 years. Received A* for PSLE...
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    If you are looking for a tutor, I recommend this....

    Hi there, just wanna recommend this female tutor that has been teaching my kids since they were P1 (twins). They are now in p5, preparing for psle next year. Pretty good tutor, my kids enjoy lessons with her. She teaches English and Math. Results have been either an A or B. As a parent, I'm...
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    Tonnes of tuition but no results? Solution's HERE!

    Greetings Parents! Lead by a team of experienced ex-school teachers & full-time tutors, Priority Tuition strives to be the BEST Tuition Agency in Singapore. We take pride in making it our NO.1 priority to match the most suitable tutors to cater to your child's specific needs and learning pace...
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    Want your kids to be a Chinese native speaker?

    Why Mandarin? The obvious reason is that Mandarin is no longer just another foreign language. In fact, there are four reasons why Mandarin is evolving into a "must know" language for everyone involved or interested in international commerce, cultural exchange, travel, and more. 1. Mandarin is...
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    Chinese Family teacher/nanny?

    Anyone is interested in hiring Chinese family teacher/nanny, you may visit Timeswell Mandarin HK leading mandarin school/agency now having their branch in Singapore!
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    Mandarin family teacher/tutor/nanny

    Anyone is looking for mandarin family teacher, you may visit Timeswell Mandarin You will not want to miss the chance to have your children to be a NATIVE Speaker!
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    Talking about my own option about tutioning

    Dear all parents, I think we all have a feeling, when you have the interest in something, you will always want to do or complete it even it's a difficult to achieve. I do have this feeling most of the time and this is what I always want to emphasis to parents, once your children have the...
  18. M

    Need Advice on Hiring Private Tutors

    Hi all, I have been thinking about getting private tutors for my kid for extra enrichment (both academic and extra-curricular), and am wondering what is the best way to look for tutors. In my research, I have come across many agencies, but am skeptical if they really have their clients' best...
  19. F

    Quality English, GP and Econs Tuition

    Hi all Here is a brief introduction about me: -Specialise in Secondary School, JC and University teaching -Many years of teaching experience -Marked improvements in results -Writer for The Straits Times in a professional capacity -Currently teaching students from autonomous, government and...