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    Homenpreneurs? How to do it? Have you ever thought of starting your own business and work from home or anywhere but.... (1) What industry shall I do? (2) Where can I find and get my supplier? Where shall I store my products (3) How to I deal with order from customers on the shipping? (4) Where...
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    Part or Full time work from home

    IF YOU ARE IN ADMIN AND HAVE A LAPTOP .... (Part or full time) IF SOCIAL MEDIA & INTERNET is your PASSION, and if you have a laptop / iPad and just an hour a day, you can earn some good income. WE ARE A top 500 INC USA Company, looking for motivated individuals to help promote our beauty...
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    This air stewardess makes more money than the pilot !

    This air stewardess makes more money than the pilot ! She used to be an air stewardess in a very popular airline. Her husband was a pilot and not just an ordinary pilot... But a high flying pilot. Her husband is very successful and commands a very good salary after working for the...
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    Mummies looking for simple yet rewarding job in retail banking

    Dear Mummies, I've several retail (consumer) banking positions open currently and I need your help if you come across any local mummies who are interested going back to the work force. Requirements + Qualification: O' Levels & above CMFAS Module 1, 5, 8, 9 and CHI Minimum of 1 year experience...
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    Part-Time Position Available

    Hi Mums (and mums-to-be)! I am currently looking for some part-time help with my online business as I am also currently expecting and will need some help as I get bigger and throughout my confinement period. If you would like some part-time work in the months from Apr/May 2012 up till...
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    Part time data entry from home - Earn 2000 sgd

    Part time data entry from home - Earn 200 sgd Register yourself and start working. Link below:
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    Work from Home

    Hi Mummies, There is a freelance/part-time job available where you can work from home at your own time/pace. If interested, please let me know your e-mail address so that I can send you the the details over there. Thanks