1 to 1 Pri CL tuition by 15 years of experience ex-MOE teacher


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1 Male ex-MOE teacher with 15 years’ experience. Native CL speaker. BSc (NUS), PGDE (NIE), MA in Education (UK)
2 Specialises in P5, P6 and PSLE. Guaranteed qualitative improvement. Can attend to other primary levels too.
3 Has been keeping track of PSLE format all along. Can analyse and predict hot topics for coming PSLE. Very familiar with each year’s marking standard.
4 Gives personalised tuition plan for each vip kid, targeting weak components such as composition and comprehension. Free 1-hour trial and diagnosis for each kid.
5 Learning with fun by using teacher’s own tuition guidebooks. Teacher does take care of each individual’s needs.
6 Empowering each vip kids with practical exam skills to “prey on” PSLE and to gain higher scores rather than be “preyed” by PSLE.

Preferred Area: CCK, Yew Tee, Marsiling, Woodlands, Admiralty and Sembawang. Discount given for in-house tuition.
Whatsapp: Miss Liu 90281588 for trial lesson.

1 前教育部男老师拥有15年政府学校经验,并拥有英国教育学硕士学位。
2 专攻五、六年级和小六会考,保证学生有大幅提高,小学其它年级也可胜任。
3 老师潜心研究每年小六会考出题思路,能够根据经验预测来年热门题型。对评卷标准非常熟悉。
4 根据不同的学生,帮他们打造个人的提升计划。针对弱的项目(比如说理解篇章或作文)帮学生提高。
5 老师有自己的专业教材和习题,帮学生在轻松和欢乐中提升。此外,老师重视关怀每一位学生,多鼓励,不批评。
6 带领学生反客为主,学生在最后关头,有足够的本领来“猎杀”小六会考,大幅涨分。而不是让会考来“猎杀”学生。

补习地点:蔡厝港、 油池、马西岭、兀兰、海军部、三巴旺。来老师家中补习有折扣。