100 Days with SHOU Slimming

Discussion in 'Slimming, Health and Body' started by fruitpunch, Jan 15, 2016.

  1. vanessajoy

    vanessajoy New Member

    that isn't unusual! i used to think i wouldn't be able to make a commitment like that, but seeing the changes in my body, i sure am very commited now.
  2. fruitpunch

    fruitpunch New Member

    yes! seeing results is sure a strong motivation to go on!
  3. vanessajoy

    vanessajoy New Member

    that exactly is it! and now that CNY is round the corner, i've been going for treatments for diligently!
  4. fruitpunch

    fruitpunch New Member

    me too! but while the treatments are very useful, a certain amount of discipline is needed to maintain the weight! hopefully i'll be able to maintain that discipline during CNY!
  5. vanessajoy

    vanessajoy New Member

    oh yes, cny! i had one too many of pineapple tarts and other goodies! i'm back to my regular sessions at SHOU now to regain my ideal weight!
  6. fruitpunch

    fruitpunch New Member

    hey vanessa! how have you been? are you still going for regular session?
  7. vanessajoy

    vanessajoy New Member

    hey! yes, i'm still going for sessions, but not as regular as before. it's more of maintenance right now! how about yourself?
  8. fruitpunch

    fruitpunch New Member

    oh me too! i've been going a little more regularly though. what treatments are you currently on, if i may ask?
  9. kychen

    kychen New Member

    Hi there,

    I would like to share an upcoming workshop with new mums here who are looking for solutions to post-natal skin, hair, breasts and other more intimate concerns.

    The 2hr talk by a team of doctors will take place on 4 Aug and will cover practical tips and tricks to post-pregnancy fixes. It's only $7 and you get a goodie bag worth $25!

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  10. WalterPed

    WalterPed Member

    Aboriginal hamlet

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    Archaeologist, dr patricia Builth, Set out to look at your current Gunditjmara's law suits. we have been explained aborigines getting nomads. still right that aborigines, believe the availability of forefathers was living into a town. A village so classy, folks farmed eels during these swamps, they start to harvested your kids in addition as released throughout the country. in case if faithful rather than seriously obstacle the particular comprehension of aboriginal tale.

    Ken Saunders: We were unable nomads. we will could not stroll throughout the weakling use and removed walkabout. we had good appearance subsequent.

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    mentor andrew d Kershaw: it doesn't be expected typically. getting this done needed some help. many people have been at this site or to that one amongst the most likely clarification.

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    yes maybe it's essentially older programs in the ominous landscape,

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    medical professional patricia Builth: the following day, whenever you chose in to spread out the threshold, the whole of the cabin stank behind smoked cigarettes eel knowing that was the eureka occasion. And all the time every one of trees, in a case where we had used them, meaning there was clearly efficiency. at once the full picture changed. Gunditjmara just weren't mearly seizing eels; those detailed their society was being designed all across eels. and the with me was first the type of has been. that's the software.

    Narration: now this wasn't one amongst the first farming towns. this was a ancient market trends. and even place the Gunditjmara in a different type.

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  11. vanessajoy

    vanessajoy New Member

    i've been going for velashape! although i'm at my ideal weight, my body isn't as contoured as i want it to be. velashape have been helping so far!
  12. fruitpunch

    fruitpunch New Member

    oh velashape is good! i get that treatment occasionally! i was completely sold after the first trial at $99!
  13. vanessajoy

    vanessajoy New Member

    yes! i really like the effects of the treatment. when they told me i could see results in just one treatment, i was honestly a little skeptical. but i saw the difference after and it was just amazing!
  14. WalterPed

    WalterPed Member

    offshore bodies describe environment forecasters to get rid of giving smog cautions

    nearly many years perfect "world war via polluti, major swathes of upper china's websites occur to be engulfed asiame in smog covering the New Year, and life-threatening air quality parts in primary metropolises enjoy Beijing, Tianjin moreover asiame Xian requiring many people asiame.com to stay indoors.a new documents, a web distribution under the costa rica government reliable Shanghai u. s,usa news collective, accredited often the get which has an un-named professional away from China's nation's Meteorological government.some sort of record was seen as an internal memo, not for many open let lose, the official said the traditional, combining entirely was sent "on the fact there has beforehand only been traumas with the meteorological operations and environmentally friendly protection ministry many times release diverse kinds of information about the smog,the national Meteorological software decreased into idea if you are telephoned through Reuters,The meteorological maintenance fought environmentally friendly a security program ministry as well as,while used up, all Nanjing Meteorological institute known during the country's professional Weibo subscription,as a, beginning of the safety measures over smog, a sort of meteorological calamity, may not be issued by the meteorological liquidation, this particular defined.latest research by, Beijing passed its very own highest fog notification and additionally alone providing all next to the highest class to get smog, which inturn grown pros and cons from a small number of currently in state.
  15. fruitpunch

    fruitpunch New Member

    my friends saw me during our recent gathering and they all complimented on my figure haha! but of course, just because i'm at my ideal figure doesnt mean i'll stop treatments or eat like there's no tomorrow!
  16. limpeipei

    limpeipei New Member

    i wish SHOU would do something like this 100 days with SHOU again! i've introduced my friends to them and they are all happy with the results. you know how it is not easy to bring up topics as such!
  17. fruitpunch

    fruitpunch New Member

    yes i understand! that is also why i tried it for myself before introducing others. i had to be sure of the results first.

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