14 mths old baby having dark green poo since formula introduced


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Dear Mummies and all,

My son has been gaving green poo since the day i switched to formula. First i introduced enfalac and when i switched to Friso, his poo changed to yellow color for few days than back to dark green again. At times constipation too. Then i recently chaged to NAN and his poo changed to yellow again for just 1 day and back to dark green. He is having 3 feeds a day usually 1 time goats milk and the other 2 feed will be NAN now.

Really dont know what when wrong. First PD say was ok. 2nd GP said could be milk intolerance....
I really dont know what to do. He has been very grumpy for the past 1 wk too. Help me mummies....

Anyone encounter the green poo thingy??

Thanks in advance...


My boy also greenish poo since switching to formula (Similac)

PD sayings as long as ,poop texture ok, growth ok and baby mood ok, no worries.


Greenish poo might be a result of too much iron intake.. To me it shouldn't be a problem coz ur baby is on solids too and that adds on to the amount of iron found in FM.