18 month old too early for child care?

Discussion in 'Year 2015 Mummy' started by marchj, Jan 28, 2016.

  1. marchj

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    hi mommies, my boy is currently 10 months old. I am a full time stay at home mom. My initial plan was to put him into full day childcare once he turns 18 months old. But now i'm starting to worry whether if it is too early for him to join childcare, as he is still young and needs more 1-to-1 attention. However no one is able to look after him once i start working. Should i hire helper or put in child care? If hire helper, it will be just my son and helper at home from morning till evening. So i'm pretty worried (due to all the cases in the recent years about maid abusing baby etc) In a dilemma :( thanks in advance!
  2. JW1234

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    I have the same concerns as you , My girl is 2 this year but im still worried. Mayb you can try asking your mum or MIL to help?
  3. PhonicsAnnie

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    I don't agree to putting a child of 18 months to 2 years into childcare. If their immune system is not good enough, they will fall ill very often
  4. MizfitMumma

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    Hi there, I will be enrolling my baby when he is only 4mths. I need to go back to work. Nobody is helping me. My mum is blind and I can only rely on myself.
  5. huihui32

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    Hi , my both son enrol to child care at different age.

    Elder son enrolled at the age of 3 year old - which I had a very hard time to send him to school daily as he is so too use of me and refuse to go school every morning even dun wan to change his uniform . but the teacher allow him to come in home shirt later part then change him . during fetching him I will ask him how did he enjoy in school. he excited to say yes and wan to go school tml. but the next morning back to square again dun wan to go ,everytime go school everytime cry which take me like 6 months to settle him .

    my 2nd son enter the same child care at 18 month . maybe because his brother is also there. just 3 days he is ok and wave me good bye and walk to the class himself.
    and I find that my 2nd son Is more independent compare to his brother. he also do thing on his own.

    but both sons do fall sick as new environment new virus at different age :)

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