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be careful who you interviewed may not be who u get as the maid.

I believe i was tricked, unless its my maid who lied, but i dont think so....

Folks out there, take care.

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My experice with this agency is positive. I engaged a maid for my second newborn .Initially the maid was homesick
but later she was quite good with my baby . I was refered to this agence by my office colleague.

I guess sometimes the maids comes with emotional bagage. She may have wanted you to send her back to her country
and not back to the agency. This could be the reason why she said such..


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be careful who you interviewed may not be who you get as the maid.

I believe i was tricked, unless its my maid who lied, but i dont think so....

Folks out there, take care.
I short listed a maid and made my payment to 1st Allbest maid agency before I came across this forum. I then decide to find out if it's true that my selected maid was not the maid I've spoken to.

I first talk to the maid beginning of Aug(Sat). She sounded sincere and she suits our requirements. I made the payment on the spot. Then I came across this forum. 2 days later, I called up the agency(A, the recruiter) requesting to speak to the maid again. To my surprise, she keep brushing me off by saying I've already spoken to her why do I need to speak to her again. She then said the maid might be in some kind of training that it's not possible for me to talk to her. When I insist, she pass the phone to her boss, D. D informed me that the maid is in some kind of gov training that they are not able to call her. When I asked how did he know. He answer was, "we know all our maid's schedule". After insisting to speak to the maid, he said he will get the maid to call on Saturday. He then stress on that it will be calling from a pte number since she is calling on Philippine. I become suspicious. The agency also claimed that their maids are all well trained as they got their own training centre. When I ask him where's the location of the training centre. He replied that he has forgotten! And when Saturday came but no ones called.

I decided to give D a call a few days later, he gave excuses why the maid did not call and said she will call again tomorrow. So I waited patiently, finally she called. And she sounded different. She was rude and claim that She has forgotten everything on the last phone interview. I called D, and feedback that this maid sounded so different and she was rude. He seemed to be so surprise, then suddenly said the maid told him that she doesn't wants to work for us anymore. I was puzzled. He then offered a refunded.

I got back my refund easily without any delay by the agency.

And my feel told me that I'm lucky I've read this forum.


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be careful who you interviewed may not be who you get as the maid.

I believe i was tricked, unless its my maid who lied, but i dont think so....

Folks out there, take care.
Dear Evergal;

Many of our cilents are happy with our maid , please click here to view testimonial Successful Stories | 1st ALLBEST HUMAN RESOURCE PTE LTD

I was very sorry to learn from this forum about your experience with our maid about the interview saga.

I have investigated this matter personally and regret that the maid told us she was very stressed in the first month of work that she told you
she has no prior experience so that you can allow her more time to settle down. She is still working for you now for almost a year and she told us now she has settled down and adjusted with your family very well and your child is very close to her.

Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience caused. However, we can give you a free replacement if you need a change of maid .We can also arrange a skype interview for you so to avoid a similar problem.

Please do not hestitate to contact me on 8212 4411 if I can be of further help.

Yours sincerely;


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Dear Ms Stella ;

Many of our clients are pleased with our maid,please click here to view testimonials Successful Stories | 1st ALLBEST HUMAN RESOURCE PTE LTD

The maid Maria Diana ;which you initially chose is coming to Singapore this Sunday 15th Sept 2013. You can see her personally in our office
on 17th of September and clarify the issues with the maid herself.

After confirmation ;the maid has to undergo a series of training with Philippines Govt. such as Owwa, Tesda , Pidos ,etc and they
are on the move for the next 2 weeks . As such it was difficult for us to arrange more than the 3 interviews which you already conducted with the maid.

During the last interview with your husband , the maid was intimidated because your husband was frustrated she could not hear
his questions clearly and he raised his voice. The maid was afraid that he could be a fierce person .She was also interviewed by another family before
you confirmed her and the other family was still keen in employing her.

We then offered you a refund because we felt that we may have started on the wrong footing and you may always have doubts with our maid.

I hope this clarifies .You are welcome to talk to Maria Diana next Tuesday 17th Sept . It is very unfortunate that there should have been this misunderstanding but we hope you will forgive the inconvenince that has been caused.

Yours Sincerely;

Hui Choo

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I took 1st Allbest Filipino maid Renalyn who started her employment with me in August 2013. I hired her just before i gave birth to my baby girl.She is very hardworking girl who offered to stay up late to help out with unfinished chores even when we asked her to rest. With little experience handling newborn babies, Renalyn gave her best to take good care of my baby Jiayi and even voluntered to do night feedings.

Under her love and care ,Jiayi is now a chubby cute baby Renalyn is also flexible as she does not mind following the kids to my in-law place as well as to my mother's place. I am happy that she did not abuse our kindness and still work diligently for us.

I thank Ms Maya of 1st Allbest for recommending me a good maid . But most importantly , I think I have been a good employer giving her enough rest and also reward her for giving her best for me and my family.

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Terrible agency who just wants to collect money. Marketed a maid with a short passport expiry date and not wanted to charge me more money to renew the maid's passport. This is despite them promising when I took the maid that they would give a discount for the passport renewal. Worst thing, the maid said that she wants to break her contract now. So I am supposed to pay the agency money to help the maid renew her passport so that maid can go home, I need to pay for airticket too while agency just happily collect money. What a deal for them. Beware of this agency!