2.5 months baby drinking habit


Hi all,

My baby girl has been drinking 70-90 ml of every 3 hours since birth.. Total ebm per day is 400-500ml. She's quite small size belonging to the 10% percentage. Is it too little?? Should force her to drink more?


Hi Shirix, I would think that it is perfectly fine with the amt ur baby take. They will know how much to feed so no point is forcing them. Cos for me, my girl had been taking appro 125ml since 2mths till now and when we try to feed her more she will jus refuse and cry. As long ur baby is growing along with the percentile he/she used to be, it's fine!


My son started drinking 120 when he's three weeks and he's only in 5-10% so don't worry, if your baby is satisfied with what she's drinking and still growing accordingly and at regular pd checks she's ok!