2 mths old baby start to poop longer day is it normal


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My baby girl poop everyday during newborn but started to poop longer day after turning 1 mth. It's from 2 days to 3 days. Her poop was abit hard..
I'm worry it will become longer.. I did the cycling n massaging but no use..
Considering to let her drink friso comfort but I'm not sure it helps or not..


Your Baby showing any signs of discomfort?
If you are breat-feeding or mixed-feeding should be ok. As long as within 5 days. My boy same, we when to see PD and she say some baby got slower bowel moments.

As long as the stool is still soft creamy type and not hard and dry and baby not showing signs of constipation like crying with trying to push. SHould be ok.

If you dare, can use a cotton bud, put some KY jelly or moiturizer and stimulate the anal hole. We did this(taught by PD) and out the poop comes without fail.. We only use it as last resort when our boy don't poop for more than 6 days.
disclaimer: this method is most effective for 4mths and below, if you are not sure do NOT try and consult a PD first.