2017 Mummies to be Come In =)

Discussion in 'Year 2016 Mummy' started by JXmangoXB, Jun 21, 2016.

  1. JXmangoXB

    JXmangoXB New Member


    I am looking to form a group for mummies EDD around Jan 2017 or nearing.
    We can share tips, talk about anything and rant too, hehe

    PM me with your name and contact, will reply shortly.

  2. kiddo

    kiddo New Member

    first time mummy to be here!
    EDD Mid Jan 2017 :))
    currently seeing Dr Aziz at Kembangan but looking for a change :eek:

    any doctors in the east to recommend? for delivery at Mount A, Parkway East or Gleneagles........
    really lost n confused with all the research alrdy..... bahhhh
    oh, i prefer male gynae please!
  3. Sweetooth

    Sweetooth Member

    Dr Loke from Singapore Women's Clinic Blk 821 Tampines. He delivers in Parkway East, Mount A also have.
  4. newmommi

    newmommi New Member

    Hi, I'm new here. Edd end January 17. Can please add me into the group? Thank you JX
  5. priscilla44

    priscilla44 New Member

    Edd Mid Jan 2017 :) Hello mummies!
  6. Snowing

    Snowing New Member

    bump.. how to join?
  7. venussnow

    venussnow Active Member

    Hi mummies to be, edd end March and this is my 2nd one
  8. Cayenne26

    Cayenne26 New Member

    Dear all,

    I recently had a very bad experience with a senior gynae at Mount A. He is only keen in earning more $$$ by insisting on me having an ectopic pregnancy, went thru laparoscopy and D&C and afterwhich still wanting to give me a jab to terminate the pregnancy.
    He is a total scam.

    Please avoid going to him.
  9. Snowing

    Snowing New Member

    same same #2
  10. Stepfy

    Stepfy New Member

    Hi venussnow, I am end March 2017 mummy as well. =)
  11. abricelle

    abricelle New Member

    Hi mummies !!! I just got to know that I'm expecting. I'm first time mummy ~ I've went to see a gynae and was told that I am 4 weeks pregnant :)
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2016
  12. christina81

    christina81 New Member

    Hi, i am new here. EDD Mid Jan
  13. newmommi

    newmommi New Member

    Which gynae is this? Can share initial?
  14. kosha82

    kosha82 New Member

    Hihi I am new here too! EDD end Jan 2017. Can add me in the group JXmangoXB, pls? Tks.
  15. Vvvvvvivian

    Vvvvvvivian New Member

    Hihi i am 5 weeks pregnant :) Just found out my pregnancy on Sat may I know when is the time to visit a gynae? Thanks in advance (/
  16. foodadd

    foodadd New Member

    Edd Mid Jan 2017, Hello mummies!
  17. aceboy

    aceboy New Member

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  18. Techi

    Techi New Member

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  19. Oojo

    Oojo Member

    Hi mummies, can you add me to group? Feb mummy here!

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