3 months old send to infant care


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Hi all

I just delivered my son end August and had found him an infant care centre to care for him when I return work next month. He will only be 3 months then and I feel very heart pain thinking of leaving him in infant care when he's only 3 months. Anyone else has the same experience? I don't have anyone to take care of him and I don't like the idea of getting a domestic helper. I'm sure the care takers are pros and they can handle my child but fact is I can't help thinking how long my child will cry for milk there. Feel so heartpain and sad.


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Hi @Blings, I see your dilemma in most of my friends who recently turned into new (and going-to-be) mummies... Have you ever considered owning your home business and look after your baby too? Over time, the income could replace your job and you'll get more time with your kid too.

If you are open to hear more, feel free to drop me a PM. Take care alright! See ya soon! :)