4 indications that you have high potential to succeed in forex trading


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Hi Mummies,

Nobody can guarantee financial security in this day and age, yes not even if it is a job, because increasingly the society is geared towards short-mid term

As a professional trader for the past 10 years I have seen many success and failure stories around. While the world celebrates the success
stories, it is also held hostage by the fear from those who failed.

Through all these stories I noticed that the successful traders are responsible individuals who take ownership of their trading work while those who are usually individuals who behaves like a gambler in a casino.

And there are 4 key indication to signal if an individual can eventually become a responsible trader, which also in turn means high potential earnings for them.

1. Their motivations are different

To put it bluntly, why you are doing it is going to matter. Because it dictates if you are going to act recklessly or with caution, whether you are going to behave logically or irrationally.

Do you have an absolute reason why you cannot be reckless about your money?

2. Real traders acknowledge their fear

Fear is a simple normal response that any traders will feel regardless of the number of years they have been trading. And successful
traders understands that it is important to attend to it instead of casting it aside. Too often, people have under-estimated the impact
of this emotion, which can led to misjudgement on their trading later on.

Are you capable of controlling your emotions?

3. Real traders are always learning

Like a job, if you want to become good at doing something, you have to keep improving the way that you are doing it. The same
applies for trading. The best traders are always learning something new to keep their analysis sharp.

Are you a learner?

4. Real traders have a strategy
There is always a game plan and this plan do not waver regardless of the conditions of the market. If history is a lesson, what we have
learned from it is that the market always reward those that sticks to the plan.

Are you someone who can be committed to executing a plan?

While there are many other elements that is also contributes to a successful trading portfolio,
if your answer is yes to at least 3 of the 4 criteria, I am happy to tell you that you have the fortitude to succeed in whatever you do, including trading.

You have the fundamentals of how a successful trader thinks, believes and behaves.

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You are true. For being a good trader, you need to be very patient. You don't need to be afraid of taking risks, and a good trader needs almost everyday educate themselves and learn something new. It is important to use different trading strategies. The most profitable ones are swing trading strategies. It needs a lot of experience because it means a lot of analysis of the market and making the right decisions for the future. This is why a good trader never says that he is outstanding because he always knows what to learn.