4 Tips To Improve Your Workspace And Study Environment


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1) Declutter

A clean desk for a clear mind. Spend ten minutes to tidy and clean your desk. You will be surprised by what you can achieve in ten minutes!

2) Shift your study desk

Try moving your desk to somewhere where there is a wall behind where you sit and positioning it so that there is space in front of the desk with the windows on your side. This external movement of your desk creates an internal shift within you to allow your mind to be more focused and concentrated.

3) Display a wisdom pagoda

Some study rooms are too small or you may be restricted by your work environment to shift your desk. You should still consider decluttering your desk and can enhance this good energy by displaying a wisdom pagoda on your desk. The wisdom pagoda is an effective Feng Shui symbol to enhance academic luck and attract creativity and competency into your mind.

4) Add plants to boost productivity

Working or studying in a stark environment makes you psychologically dull which in turn lowers productivity. Having a potted plant located at where you can see from your desk makes you psychologically happier and allows you to work better.

This article first appeared at lushthoughts.com