5 year old boy keep coughing

Discussion in 'Mummy Cafe' started by koras, Oct 4, 2013.

  1. koras

    koras New Member

    hi mummies, my son is having asthma cough. And recently his cough is back again with couching badly at night with phlegm.
    So worried mum here not sure what can i cook to give my him eat. he doesn't like veg much, so been giving him steam fish and potato /carrot soup, or spinach soup.

    can please advice me what else can i cook to give him eat. by way we been bring him to see a chinese doc
  2. gontan

    gontan New Member

    Hi, for coughing, it is advisable not to give fruits and fish. That's what my Chinese doc adviced when my son is coughing. It is best to just let him eat veg and pork. No fruits, fish, chicken, egg, soya bean.
  3. Sarah1987

    Sarah1987 Member

    Hi Koras, How is your baby now?
  4. fundad

    fundad New Member

    Try to go Ma Kuang Healthcare Group to see a Chinese doc. My 2 kids react well to the medicine.

    However, sometimes Chinese medicine takes effect slower than cough syrups but it really gets to the root of the problem. Another factor to consider is that your child must be able to drink the bitter medicine. You have to mix in warm water and drink it. Sometimes I mix the medicine into their milk bottle and let them drink their milk together with the medicine.

    Cough syrups have some side effects which I don't like. My kids will have cold sweat and their face look pale when they are on cough syrups. Makes them feel drowsy and listless too.

    Hope this helps. Speedy recovery for your child.
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  5. iddepot

    iddepot New Member

    shld let the kids try pure (warm) ginseng soup (taste very nice) to boost up the body energy.
    less fruit, vege and vitamins. no aircon or prevent not too cold.
    always keep his body warm, especially when the whether cold.
  6. Justina

    Justina Member

    my son has sensitive airway since young and became dependent on singuliar. anyone heard of this medicine? our doctor says he can have 5mg for as long as we wish to control his cough. but i would like to hear from any of you who has given to your given, how long are you giving singulair to your boy / girl? thanks
  7. iddepot

    iddepot New Member

    it's not recommended to let your kids rely on medicine in the young age as medicine is not good!
    i believe Regular (2 times/day) massage on 头部原始点 & 背部原始点 (pls google it) will help his prob.
    + an increasing of body energy level will help his problem, u shld try boil hot Ginseng soup for Few days for him to drink, then monitor his progress.

    p/s:No need to buy expensive Ginseng as it's not necessary better.
    p/s: consume less sweet/sour/oily/iced food & control aircon temperature (to comfortable temperature 25 degree,, not too cold for kids)

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