545 Whampoa Prawn Noodles Review

A baby-faced woman seen donning an apron and slaving away behind the hot stove to whip up bowl after bowl of prawn noodles is one refreshing anomaly in Singapore's sputtering hawker scene fraught by now all too familiar grievances - seasoned hands holding down the fort often fading away due to age while their sheltered, well educated progeny feel less inclined to take over in kitchens. Enter Li Ruifang, an attractive young mum in her 30s who decided to forgo her cushy corporate career five years ago in exchange for the opportunity to further her family's culinary legacy. Today she helms 545 Whampoa Prawn Noodles alongside her parents at Tekka Centre, dishing out a taste of the good ol' times thanks to an intergenerational recipe which originated from Ruifang's grandfather. (Note that her aunts operate a separate stall at Whampoa Market.)

Sampling and thoughts:

Dropping by one early Friday afternoon for a spot of lunch, we inserted ourselves at the back of an insane queue stretching past several tables. Both kway teow and bee hoon versions were already sold out by then, thus it was yellow noodles or nothing. Thumbs up as far as efficiency is concerned; we were attended to in under 15 minutes. Went for the $4 dry tossed in chili option ($5/$6 portions also available) - an invitingly fiery affair topped with lean pork slivers and fried shallots plus bowl of piping hot soup.

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