6 week old nof sleeping


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My 6 week old has been displaying the below symptoms :
1. Feeding every hour (previously she could last 2 to 3 hours)
2. Feeding for very short period and falling asleep
3. Fall asleep for short period in the day, cry after a few moments when put down (able to sleep at night after we out her down)
4. Difficult to fall asleep in the night (shows obvious tiredness but unable to fall asleep)

Is there anyone facing the same problems? I tried music, carrying her, feeding often , even using 摇篮.

My hubby has been traveling regularly, and he's only home 2-3 days. I've been staying at my parents place while hubby is away and move back to our own place when he's around. Could this be a cause?

Any suggestions? I am against using the pacifier and people have been suggesting it so much that I am feeling pretty overwhelmed.


I am a mother of two but not really a expert with babies but my 4 week old bb is displaying such signs as well.
What I noticed is he tend to fall asleep when we carry him (seems like he likes to stick chest-chest or listen to our hearbeat). Once he is deep asleep then we put him down to bed. (we usually tie 1 hand at night and sometimes 2 hands - swaddle)
My bb boy seems to like pacifier more than his elder sister so we introduced it to him....but when he is hungry, he scream down the whole hse, totally no patience to wait for us to make his milk for him. I am more of the type who will give him anything just to soothe him (for now).
My bb boy is also introduced to yao lan...first 2 days he was not used to it...but 3rd day onwards, he kind of accepted his new napping bed.(yep, I only use yao lan in the day)
When my bb boy poo, he also likes to scream and wriggle his tiny body. When we are changing his diapers, he will shows signs of anger and will be screaming as well. But after he has his clean diaper, he will quieten down.

I think babies have alot of pattern. I am also quite afraid cos I am going to start taking care of him alone in th next 1 hr - CL going back. Wish me luck! And hope this helps.


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Good luck! My girl is 7 weeks now. She has been displaying such behaviour on and off..The yaolan seems to be able to soothe her to sleep more. Worried about her need to feed every hour or so because I am going back to work soon..

My girl used to be very impatent when it comes to milk, but now we can "trick" her for a short while with the hanky. Diapering she's the same, squirming around as we are trying get to change. She tend to poop again immediately after a fresh diaper. We tried waiting for her to finish but she's always crying for the diaper to be changed.


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Have you tried swaddling your baby? I used Love To Swaddle UP with my 3rd and it worked so well. Trains the baby to know that when they are going into the swaddle it is sleep time and then they start to associate the swaddle with this.....During day and night time. I especially tried to avoid much eye contact for that feed just before sleeping.....
Love To Swaddle UP is really great - it is available in Singapore too but originally from Australia. Their website has a lot of information about sleeping. www.lovetodream.com.au
Stocked in Singapore and heaps of places like Mothercare, Motherswork, Spring Maternity....