A horrible caesarean experience with gynae and hospital!


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Hi all mummies to be,

After reading another mummy bad delivery experience, I want to share mine with as many ppl as possible.
My gynae did not wait for the epidural anaesthetic in full effect but started operating on me. It caused an excrutiating pain throughout the operation, I never experienced such pain in my whole life!!
The anaesthetist doctor came to visit me in my ward and said that he was so sorry to see me in pain during the delivery. He said that he has told the gynae to wait but he didnot.
The hospital upgraded me from 4-bedded to 2 bedded and single-bedded on the last in order to calm me down. They told me to rest well and they will take necessary investigation into the matters. I listened to them.
After discharged,few days later I called the hospital, tried to get the hospital to provide me the details explanation and investigation result, they just said that it was mis-appropriate procedure by the gynae so they did not do any investigation.
Until today, I am still not sure why it all happened. I have lodge a complaint to Singapore Medical Council but was told to wait for 6-9 mths for the investigation outcome.

Please please be very careful in the gynae and hospital you go to.

Do take care! Please pm me the gynae name & hospital. Thank you!

Kaido Tay

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Hi there, hope you are better now.... I am now 8.5 months and I plan to change a gynae and I will be seeing her tomorrow. Sorry you have disturb you, any chance for you to PM me.


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Hi, I experienced this too!! For my case is d anaesthetist's fault, told him to proceed with the epidural earlier while waiting for my obgyn, but he refused!! My obgyn tested if the epidural has worked by poking me with an instrument. When I felt d pain, I told my obgyn, n d anaethetist still dared to ask me to go for GA if I m so fearful!! Arrggh... I was worried tat the auspicious time will be over, thus have no choice but to instruct my obgyn to proceed to operate though the epidural has not kick in yet, I can still move my left leg lor!! I was fully numbed only when he was stitching my tummy up!! My 1st delivery was c-section too, nvr expect tat d 2nd one turned out to b so scary!
She did pmed me the details during early last month...thinks she's too busy to pm to all mummies at once...

All i could reveal is...the gynea is a guy...from Mount A...


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Hi, can anyone PM me the gynae's name & hospital? I'm going for c-section in Jul and don't wish to engage the same doc / hospital.



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She did pmed me the details during early last month...thinks she's too busy to pm to all mummies at once...

All i could reveal is...the gynea is a guy...from Mount A...

Hi Bluemoon, I have PM-ed u. Can let me know whether that is the gynae???? I'm freaking out!!!!


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sorry for the horrible experience. Can you PM the doctor and hospital?

I am having a c-section in 5 days, your story scary me to death!:embarrassed:


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Thank god u told mi its from Mount A...i am planning to get my gynae there recommanded by my fren...pls pvt message mi the gynae name pls its urgent..i am very afraid its the same person...


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Sorry to hear that but I too had horrible experience which I cannot share....the good thing is Im covered by Pallas GlobalHealth....

I think I have an idea which gynae that is...