A message for those who failed to land their university dream course

Please do not compare yourselves with others who have managed to get into their dream course, wondering at length what went so wrong and how you could have possibly shored up your university application. Let's face it, an individual's score/reference letter/interview only serves as a sketchy barometer of his/her aptitude for whatever he/she desires to study, not forgetting admissions officers do sometimes err during the selection process. Which is why society always encounters a handful who qualified for exceptionally prestigious disciplines such as Medicine or Law but aren't even the least bit cut out to be doctors or lawyers. Seriously, what gives?

In hindsight, maybe you were too stressed out in junior college to perform adequately at the 'A' Levels, hence falling short of the academic requirements established by the university (please remember these cut-off points arise because there is too much competition for a limited number of places, nothing more). Or perhaps your personal statement just didn't particularly inspire on a certain fated day it was reviewed, blah blah blah. Numerous factors remain beyond your control as to why you lucked out.

That being said, if you are adamant about going down this road regardless, yet your family can't afford an overseas education, entering a polytechnic or redoing your 'A' Levels is always still possible. Indeed this shall be a far longer route attempted, your resolve will be severely tested - will you rise to the challenge or falter along the way? Well it's only you who know yourself best.

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