A Money-Making Opportunity for Everyone, Especially Single Parent

Discussion in 'Single Parents Support Group' started by flowerii, Aug 6, 2013.

  1. flowerii

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    Hi single parents out there. I have a money-making opportunity that I would like to share with everyone, especially single parents.

    I am a single parent too, my boy has just turned 2 mth old. As I am unwed, i am only entitled to 2 mths of maternity leave and I have to take one mth unpaid leave in order to spend more time with my boy. Now it's almost time for me to return to work and sigh, i really can't bear to part with my boy. But being a single parent, I can't quit my job and be a sahm as I only have 1 source of income. Who is going to provide for us if I didn't go to work? I wish i can work from home, but my current job doesn't allow me to do so. The thought of missing my boy's milestones - eg his first flip, etc, really make me determined to find a better source of income that comes with time flexibility. Now i found it, and I would like to share with all single parent out there.

    PM me if you're interested to know more. Lets work hard for our lil angels. We can do it!
  2. brokensmile

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    PM me.. I'm interested. :D
  3. flowerii

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    Have pm-ed you. :)
  4. flowerii

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    im interested, pm me please, chloeesoong@live.com
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    Hi Chloe,

    have emailed you. check your mail. :)
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    Have emailed you, ZeeTyl. :)
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    Pm me please.....
  10. flowerii

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    Have pm-ed you. :)
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    Pm me, irene_ang123@yahoo.com
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    Pls PM me as well.. thx
  13. flowerii

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    Have pm-ed you, ivory and Sgring. :)
  14. catherinelin

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    please send me the details. thanks.

    (there is an underscore btw 'linh' and 'hust')
  15. flowerii

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    Have emailed you. :)
  16. flowerii

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    Have pmed you. :)
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  18. NOEL88

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    Pm me ...i'm interested
  19. flowerii

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    Hi Natalie and Noel, has pmed you. :)

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