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  1. MsKoh1973

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    Hi, anybody is a patient of John Tee at KKH? Is he good ? Caring? Patient? Any patient at TPS under JT? Does he delivered you or wait till the bb head come out then arrived?

    Is he usually in office or does he take leave frequent? Did anyone every tried delivering when JT on leave or in oversea conference, who cover him when he not available?

    Thinking of switching doc to JT, my next apt in Jun 2009.
  2. AP John Tee is not my gynae but he performed the CVS procedure on me when I was about 20+ weeks pregnant. Although he seemed like a busy gynae (the waiting time was really looooong), he was professional and confident during the procedure. I was very nervous throughout the procedure and kept very quiet (plus it was very painful when the big needle went through my tummy), I think he sensed my anxiety and tried to crack some jokes to liven up the mood.

    From what I've read in this forum, AP John Tee seems like a popular gynae. If you don't feel completely comfortable with Dr HC Han (saw your other post about this gynae), why don't you give AP John Tee a try?
  3. MsKoh1973

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    CVS is the one that withdraw the yang shui to perform the test issit? I have few frens delivered by JT, they found him ok, but few times they were warded in KKH due to sickness during pregnancy, he didn't visit them, citing reason like nobody inform him, too busy etc.

    I don't mind paying the extra, but only hope after paying, I get a good doc, when I do a search in internet, JT's name came out quite frenquent, as such, I am re-consider taking him as my gyn. My fren who is due in Mar, told me recently JT no longer HOD, so he not so rush and had become more patient and caring.

    I really hope to stick to HC Han cos he had delivered my first bb gal and done my abortion this month.

    I know that I cannot ask for too much from him, after all, I may just be one of his thousands patient, but he has to understand that he is my ONLY gyn, especially at this point of time, I think I don't feel emotionally comfortable to continue with him.

    My husband very angry with him after y'sday's visit, he keep pestering me to change doc.
  4. Yuki Miaka

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    I am in my 5 month plus of pregnancy... John Tee is my gynae.. so far i find tht he is good & experience. He is always busy & rushing.. lolz maybe because he got many patients.. because his Q is always the longest. ...ya sometimes he will cracks some jokes to release the tension...

    he is not bad maybe you can consider geting him as ur gynae..
  5. MsKoh1973

    MsKoh1973 Member

    Dr Han's Q also long, every time also wait 1 hr + just to see him that 5 mins, so every time have to make list of the qn that I want to ask. But it seems that every thing I ask, the answer is either nvm or normal or nothing to worry abt.

    Is JT patient? Does he crack stupid and insensitive jokes? Did he state his email address in his name card? Did u ever try asking him queries via email?

    You seeing JT at TPS or Clinic A? Is this your first bb? Previous one also by JT? Does he arrive at the delivery suite to monitor you or does he also comes when he was informed the bb's head come out?

    I heard the doc at TPS suppose to be more attentive to the patients at delivery suite, don't know how true it is.
  6. CanCanMum

    CanCanMum Moderator

    my boy was also delivered by JT. He arrives and stays around as soon as i was admitted in the delivery suite. But monitoring the cervical opening is done by doctors on shift. He only came in to deliver my boy.

    during antenatal visits he is nice and caring....quite fatherly. Answers my questions, not in a hurry and can talk to him.
  7. MsKoh1973

    MsKoh1973 Member

    You under the private suite (TPS)?

    You went delivery suite during day time or after office hours, he still there for you? You ever encountered he on leave or not in office before?
  8. CanCanMum

    CanCanMum Moderator

    during my time there was no TPS

    he was there when i was admitted, in his home clothings - shows tat he was on rest day tat day.....

    think he was on call for the whole of the day coz i delivered on the next day morning.
  9. MsKoh1973

    MsKoh1973 Member

    I never see JT before, you know he roughly how old?

    U ever been seen by Dr Han before?
  10. CanCanMum

    CanCanMum Moderator

    nope....is dr han popular????

    Last time the clinic i visited is at AMK KK Womans clinic....coz he is stationed there on every saturday.

    JT looks like 50 year old or late 40s, or perhaps early 50s?....think he looks younger than his age....coz he is recommended by my GP who was classmates with him when in medical school...i have been seeing this GP since i was a 7 year old kid.
  11. MsKoh1973

    MsKoh1973 Member

    Dr Han looks young, but he got 7 kids.

    Actually I have no doubt that if Dr Han do the delivery, he sure do a gd job, that time my fren's bb premature at 7 mths, he advise her to downgrade to C class. Although he can't deliver for her, but he still visit her.

    As for my case, when I deliver, he was also very fast. Its just tat lately I cannot tahan his insensitivity.
  12. MsKoh1973

    MsKoh1973 Member

    Just saw JT at Clinic A y'sday afternn, man of few words, but when speak, is valuable advise, think will stick to him for my next preg.

    The waiting time not so long, and he also give quite assuring answer to my question.
  13. BbpHir3

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    my DD was delivered by JT (TPS) oso.. very nice n friendly doc.. goin back to him for my no. 2.. he saw me when i ward at the delivery suite.. by then dilate 4cm alr (4+pm).. so he expect i'll deliver at bout close to midnight.. but DD shocked him n he was called back 2hrs later (6+pm).. first thing he said was, "Wow.. tat's was fast.." lol... very relax when wib him.. i haf thyroid prob, so he's always askin when will i c the thyroid doc.. how r u feeling etc etc...

    PS: i got the feeling he noes my mum... seriously...... but JT n my mum both deny knowing each other... hmmmmm......... wahahaha....
  14. CanCanMum

    CanCanMum Moderator

    mebbe its Jiu Qing Ren lols~~~~

    i brought My mum to see JT also, last week only

    HE STILL REMEMBERS ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    can you believe it?

    out of the 5000++++ or eben more patients he has?

  15. BbpHir3

    BbpHir3 Active Member

    yup.. saw him today... first thing he ask, "your mum got go overseas?" cuz tat time when i preg wib DD, he ask y my mum nv acc mi.. den i tell him my mum (working in tour agency) brought a group to Japan...
    den when he first do the scanning, he's first reaction was.. "wah, so big already." refering to no. 2.... lol... den he ask bout DD.. DD was having fun wib the nurses while i was doin the scanning.. can hear her giggling..
  16. CanCanMum

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    when yr mum acc u go there huhhh?

    *kaypo face*
  17. BbpHir3

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    dunno ... y lei???
  18. CanCanMum

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    kaypo kaypo mah........ignore meeeeeee.....lols
  19. BbpHir3

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    crazy SSS darling... oops....
  20. CanCanMum

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