A sport that enhances physical fitness and mental awareness

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    Most sports focus more on Physical fitness than mental focus. But what if you had a sport that trains your kid physically as well as mentally.

    The answer is Golf! Not only does it require fine physical control of your motor skills, coordination of your hands, eyes, legs; Learning to control your mental state as well as emotions is paramount as well. That's why golf has been labelled as one of the more difficult sports to play. It is part mental challenge, part physical control. Teach your kid to overcome life's challenges the fun way.

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    I fully agree with you that there are different forms of sports, such as physical and psychological. I think that more people prefer to use physical activity to gain adrenaline and show their energy. Children, too, I think it is important to engage in physical sport but not in full force. I have been involved in football since childhood and ran a lot. Now I have problems with my legs and I have to wear a special class 2 compression stockings. It helps me a lot and helps to improve my legs. So this is a real find for me. So I advise you to correctly combine 2 sports. So that the child and you personally understand the whole situation.

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