About printing process control


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The quality of product is the life of printing company, it relates to market competitiveness of company directly.

1. Control of printing quality.

When Plate burning, outside the PS version by body, by add color code, pulling the tail three parts, so, when check the printed products, easy to find misregister, paper, reverse, double sheet caused by different plate and been mixed.

The quality of the photocopy and film must be carefully inspected before the printing plate and the machine, so as to avoid the impact of the printing quality problem. At the same time, the school edition should be proficient and accurate, and minimize the number of school editions. It is necessary to be evenly distributed and avoid the impression that the printing plate is made out by an artificial elongated deformation.

2. The selection of printing consumables

(1) Paper

Choose the paper that is better and more adaptable, avoid the phenomenon such as pulling and dropping of the paper. Before printing, prevent the paper from being affected by the deformation of the paper.

(2) Ink

Light fast dry ink for offset paper printing, can avoid the resin type ink produces pulverization lacklustre and sticky dirty, the phenomenon such as hair, dry faster. But in the process, you should prevent the ink from drying and peeling.

(3) Rubber cloth

In normal printing, the rubber cloth should be cleaned frequently. The new rubber cloth stretches well and the machine should be tightened gradually. In the daily operation, every tightening, once the offset press is pressed, stop and tighten again and again and again, so that the rubber cloth will tighten up.

3. Printing pressure controls.

The surface of offset paper is rough and the ink is good, so as to make the printing ink thick and clear, the printing pressure should be increased appropriately in printing.

In addition, the pressure of water roller and ink roller should be proper, so as to maintain good transmission and transfer of ink.

4. Printing conditions controls.

1). Control of the PH of the solution.

The PH of the liquid solution should be controlled at 4.5-5.5, and if the PH value of the solution is not properly controlled, it will affect the drying speed and the quality of printing.

2). Control of the water and ink balance.

In the printing process, it is necessary to maintain the ink balance and achieve the best printing status of “small dry water”. When the water is in the water, the water will be changed to the original state in order to avoid the emulsion of ink caused by “big ink”.

3). Control of workshop temperature and humidity.

In order to make the printing and achieve the best effect, the workshop air conditioning and humidifier should be configured, to ensure that the workshop temperature is 20-25℃, humidity is 55% ~ 65%.

In printing market increasingly competitive today, control the printing process, attaches great importance to the print quality inspection, is a printing company to get good printing quality of the premise and the key.