About schools

What the difference between play group, nursery, kindergarten, infant care, child care and student care?
What's the general age limit for all these?
What's the purpose of bringing baby to these places? Is it for education or because there is no one to look after the baby?

I need to be better informed of these.


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Playgroup is for toddlers from 18mths old onwards, usaully 2 hrs.
PreNursery = 3 yo (3-4 hrs)
Nursery = 4yo (3-4hrs)
Kindergarten = 5 to 6yo (3-4hrs)

Childcare depends whetehr you want half or full day. From 18 mth to 6yo. Childcare usually is for children whose parents have to work and no one can tc of them. Other than taking care of them, the teachers will also give them lessons just like the usual preschool (also PG, PN, Nursery, Kindergarten). Only difference is, the kids spend longer time in Childcare, shower and nap in sch.

Hope that helps and please correct me if I am wrong =)
Oic. That means I have to send my baby to play group, pre- nursery, nursery and kindergarten then go primary school?

What's the usual or common thing that parents sent their babies too?


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hmm.. Most of my friends will send their kids to PG at 18mths onwards (also can send at 20 mths, not necessary on the dot). I personally send my son to sch when he was 2.5yo, straight to prenursery. Also seen some who send their kids to sch at 4yo (nursery). Up to your personally preference. But I think at least have to send to nurdery and kindergarten..
Hmm, can i ask nursery and kindergarten is it considered childcare?
Is nursery and kindergarten also subsidised by government?
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