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Discussion in 'Breastfeeding Mothers Support Group' started by uddermummy, Apr 20, 2009.

  1. uddermummy

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    :tconfused:is a weight gain of 1090g (from the weight at discharge, not birth weight) in 1 mth acceptable for a bb that's totally breastfed?

    My girl has seen 3 pediatricians, all of whom say that she is small for her age. One of them has even tried to get me to switch to soy-based formula.

    The regular ped my girl is seeing wants to see my girl fatten up, even though she says her weight gain is acceptable. I feel so stressed!!!

    My girl weighs about 3.5kg. Is it enough to feed her 70 mil of expressed milk during one of the night feeds?
  2. Phoebii Cheng

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    My son when he is abt a week old, the nurses at KKH told me that he shld be drinking abt 300ml per day.....

    Hv ur bb milk intake increased in the 1mth from when she was newborn and a few weeks old?

    When my son was abt two months he is 6kg plus......
  3. Phoebii Cheng

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  4. missblue18

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    my bb only put on 900grams from day of discharge n my pd says its ok coz normally by 1st mth their weight gain shd be between 500g-1kg so actually ur girl did put on enough just tat i believe her birth weight must be quite small?my girl was 3.1kg when discharge n at 1st mth 4kg

    my girl also full breastfeeding...70ml is ok my gir drinks tat amt as well when she was 2-4weeks now she's 7weeks drinks abt 100ml so dun worry think ur girl will be fine...just to check is ur breastmilk very white-ish n watery?coz mine is n my mum kept saying those yellowish ones r better more filling for baby hence make them grow bigger
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  5. isabelandrew

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    my baby only put on about 0.5kg in the 1st month. 2nd month boomed :)

    in the 1st month she only drink 90ml but 2nd month 120ml. now going 3rd month, 150ml liao! Very greedy.. 150ml is max liao wor.
  6. snowbear

    snowbear Well-Known Member

    Yes. My DD is fully bf and also put on about 1.1kg in the first month (she was only 2.43kg at birth) and doctor was pleased with her growth.

    I think you should try giving more and see how much she can finish? My DD was 3.5kg too at 1 month. Usually she'd drink 100ml or so per feed.
  7. uddermummy

    uddermummy Well-Known Member

    my girl is about 5 weeks old. She's got double chin but her body just refuses to fatten up. :(

    i consulted a lactation consultant and she told me that the minimum amount is weight (kg) x 20ml.

    so figured that 3.5 x 20ml should be about 70 ml. The problem is that my girl sometimes can't even finish 60ml and if she feeds too much (at both breasts), she tends to spit out quite a bit of milk. But she does feed pretty often at the breast.

    a feed of about 60ml can last her about 2 hours.

    ladies, can share with me your pds? Cos I think your pds are more bf friendly than mine.

    the foremilk is a bit bluish and thin but the hind milk is really yellowish or white in colour.

    if she wets her diaper after every feed, and poops about 3-5 times a day, and her fontanelles are not sunk in, can i assume that she's in pretty good shape? She's also pretty alert.
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  8. missblue18

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    ya judging from the poo n urine i think ur girl shd be ok mine also about the same she poop quite often 5-6times a day

    my pd is from gleneagles the kidz clinic Dr Yeo Kim Lian a lady she's pretty ok with bf as long as bb weight is doing well...
  9. uddermummy

    uddermummy Well-Known Member

    thanks! miss blue

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